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Lexington, Ky. - The United States Equestrian Federation is pleased to announce that the 2016 Eventing 18 Program outline and application are now available. The Eventing 18 Program is the beginning of the athlete pipeline and aims to build a foundation of future horsemen and women that will hopefully go on to represent the United States. Selection into the program will be based on talent, competitiveness, commitment, and potential.
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The Waredaca Classic Three-Day Event is excited to announce its partnership with the Area II Young Rider Advancement Program (YRAP).With the relatively recent addition of a Novice Three-Day division, more young riders have been able to take advantage of the event’s hybrid education-competition set up. The event will run Thursday, October 22 through Saturday, October 24, marking a shift from its usual Wednesday through Saturday arrangement. The move is intended to make the show more accessible to both competitors and spectators.
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At the 2014 USEA Annual Meeting of the Members, a by-law change was made to provide for the drawing of Area borders along state lines. In response to the concerns of the members living in western Pennsylvania, the Board of Governors has made a provision whereby those members may now declare which Area they would like to be assigned to for purposes of competitions, year-end awards and Championships. 
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Fact Sheet Regarding USEA Area Realignment and Area Competitions, Championships, Young Riders, Adult Riders, and Awards Programs
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The Charles Owen Technical Merit Award was founded by the USEA Professional Horsemens’ Council. The hope is that this award will provide incentives for riders who demonstrate safe and appropriate cross-country technique, and will also educate riders and trainers as to what constitutes safe riding across country.
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The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is pleased to announce that Leslie Law has been named as the USEF Eventing Developing Rider Coach, pending contract negotiations.
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Lexington, Kentucky- The USEF Eventing High Performance Committee has approved the addition of Elinor MacPhail, of Bluemont, Va., to the 2015 Eventing 25 Program. MacPhail had applied to be part of the 2015 program by the deadline but due to an administrative error her application was not originally received by the Talent Advisory Group.
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Lexington, Kentucky - The USEF Eventing High Performance Committee has approved the Eventing 25 Program participants for the 2015 season. Training Session dates and locations will be finalized and announced upon the hiring of the USEF Eventing Developing Rider Coach at the end of December.The following 14 riders have been selected for the Eventing 25 Program for the 2015 season:*Alexa Ahearn (Newcastle, Wash.) Helen Bouscaren (San Ramon, Calif.) Zachary Brandt (Thousand Oaks, Calif.)Jenny Caras (Cartersville, Ga.) 
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