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Check out NBC's 45-minute recap of the 2014 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event presented by Land Rover. Interviews include William Fox-Pitt, Sinead Halpin, Meghan O'Donoghue, Buck Davidson, Lillian Heard, Allison Springer, Bruce Davidson and Jimmy Wofford.
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If banks are your Achilles' heel, this sample video from the Jonathan Holling clinic is for you. The full 40-minute video is available on 
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Thanks to RNS Video for this wonderful footage!
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Lucinda Green discusses the importance of letting your horse look at what he's jumping, and how he sees it, in this video of a Beginner Novice Clinic featured on
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James Atkinson discusses the ins and outs of the "r" Course Design Seminar that took place during the Copper Meadows FEI Event in Ramona, California. The designers are given a plot of land and told to come up with a Preliminary-level combination, which Atkinson then reviews and critiques.
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Copper Meadows Eventing hosted their inaugural FEI-level event in Ramona, California on June 6-8. Cori Davis took home the Western Underground CIC** on A Golden Effort, and Whitney Tucker won the State Farm CIC* on Chavez Ravine. Click for video recaps of the event!
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Catherine Haddad brings her wealth of dressage expertise to a flat lesson with four-star rider James Alliston. Go to to see the complete lesson!
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