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Original Post Date: 10/03/2016 - 11:36   |   Last Updated: 2017:02:07 13:47:24

Lexington, Ky. - The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Board of Directors (BOD) has chosen Bill Moroney to serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO oversees the USEF staff and all day-to-day operations, reports to the President, and keeps the Board of Directors and Officers fully informed of the conditions and oper­ations of the Federation and all material concerns.
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Gladstone, N.J. - The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Board of Directors (BOD) elected Murray S. Kessler as its next President at the Mid-Year BOD Meeting in Gladstone, N.J. on Tuesday. The President ultimately presides over the volunteer leadership structure of the USEF. Since 1917, only 13 individuals have served in the presidential role. Kessler will officially take office at the USEF Annual Meeting in January 2017.
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What are we?MSEA was founded in 1976. It is an affiliate of the United States Eventing Association.Who are we?MSEA is a part of Area IX which is Wyoming and Colorado. MSEA Inc. is the parent organization with six individual chapters within Wyoming and Colorado.What do we do?
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The Western Pennsylvania Combined Training Association has been a long-standing and loyal affiliate of the USEA since 1995. After almost 20 years, the organization is no longer active. We will miss seeing Western Pennsylvania among our affiliates. Good luck, and thanks for all your service to the Eventing affiliate community. 
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USEA - Affiliates Area 1 Central New York Dressage Combined Training Assn.
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Below is a list of Universities and Colleges in the U.S. offering Equestrian programs with undergraduate eventing opportunities in conjunction with traditional academic programs. The USEA offers this list as a resource for junior members and families looking into higher education opportunities in the U.S. that will enable eventers to continue riding and eventing througout their college experience. 
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MISSION1. Increase membership within the USEA from the Affiliated Eventing Association base.2. Have a working relationship between both organizations serving to strengthen both groups.3. Create and promote a vision of the USEA as a friendly and supportive advocate of the local Eventing Association.AFFILIATION BETWEEN THE USEA AND THE LOCAL EVENTING ASSOCIATIONWhen a local Eventing Association becomes an affiliate member with the USEA, the newly termed “Affiliate Eventing Association” is the entitled to:
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Join the USEA as an Affiliate Member and receive the following:A FREE LISTING IN THE USEA OMNIBUSYour eventing association name and contact information will be listed on your USEA Area page in all three issues. We frequently refer potential members to these listings.A FREE LISTING ON THE USEA WEB SITEYour eventing association name and contact information will be listed on the USEA web site under "Affiliates," which is another great opportunity to reach potential members.
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