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The USEA Annual Meeting and Convention for 2013 wrapped up with the Board of Governor’s meeting on Sunday morning. Diane Pitts led the meeting as the new USEA President, and several committees reported that their work was alive and well. A few notable points:
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It was a big day on Saturday at the 2013 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio! Here is a recap and photo gallery of the Annual Meeting of Members Luncheon and the always highly anticipated Year-End Awards Dinner.
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Another great collection of educational seminars and open forums occurred today at the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention. Tonight we look forward to the USEA Awards Dinner and Dance!
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What Does the Future of Eventing Hold? Ensuring the Sport’s ViabilityJim Wofford welcomed a large crowd in this highly anticipated Open Forum. Before he opened the floor to discussion, he gave a brief introduction and presented three major topics.
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Day two of the 2013 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention has wrapped, and here is your evening report! In addition to more forums, seminars, and committee meetings tomorrow, the USEA Annual Meeting and Luncheon takes place, with David O'Connor as Keynote Speaker, and the USEA Awards Dinner and Dance kicks off in the evening. Stay tuned!
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