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Katherine Cooper, a member of the USEA Board of Governors, and Chair of the USEA Equine Medical Research Committee talks about the USEA grant funding and the projects that were funded through the Morris Animal Foundation. Dr. Carey Williams, Equine Extension Specialist at Rutgers, the State University explains the findings from research on equine nutrition in the event horse that was carried out over two years.
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The USEA Cardiopulmonary Research Group has prepared a summary of studies to date including the history, research questions, studies, summary of findings and future goals. The document can be viewed here.
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From Dr. Stephanie Caston, Iowa State University: 
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Ever-focused on a safer sport, the USEA maintains a list of resources regarding concussion, head trauma and helmet safety. The USEA maintains that all riders in all disciplines, whether schooling at home or at competition, should wear ASTM/SEI approved protective headgear (Charles Owen is the Official Riding Helmet of the USEA), and it is mandatory in competition. Concussion in Sports
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The USEA and the staff at the Red Hills Horse Trials are deeply saddened by the accident that took the life of Conahy’s Courage owned by Imogen de Lavis and ridden by Canada’s Kyle Carter. The entire Eventing community sends deepest condolences to Imogen and Kyle on the loss of this lovely horse.
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