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The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is excited to announce that longtime sponsor, Point Two Air Jackets will be giving away 1,000 free ProAir vests to current USEA members on a first come first serve basis.
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Thank you to those who participated in our Cardiopulmonary Research Group studies at Waredaca 2014, Horse Park of New Jersey Horse Trials I, 2015 and Fair Hill Horse Trials, 2015. Without your continued support, this study would not be possible. So far we have instrumented 65 horses in the Beginner Novice through Intermediate levels. We will be at the Plantation Field International CIC in September and the Fair Hill International Three-Day in October and still need volunteers at all levels.
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The USEA Equine Cardiopulmonary Research Group will be conducting a study this weekend at the New Jersey Horse Park as part of the New Jersey Horse Trials I, June 27-28. The Group has been working on improving the testing techniques and the USEA has now purchased additional equipment that will allow for more horses to be included in the study.
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The USEA would like to remind all eventers of the current rule regarding the use of body protectors on cross-country in USEA Recognized competitions as published in the USEF Rulebook. USEF Rule EV114.2 states:1. A body protecting vest must be worn warming-up for and in the cross-country test. Stable, team or club colors are permitted. The Federation recommends that the vest should pass or surpass the current ASTM standard F1937 or be certified by the Safety Equipment Institute. Inflatable vests are permitted only when worn over a body protecting vest.
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 Note: Applications for this program will be accepted through June 30, 2015. The USEA has established a Course Designers’ Educational Grant/Mentoring program to fund the education and development of new U.S. course designers.
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This President's Letter, written by USEA President Diane Pitts and CEO Jo Whitehouse, appeared in the May/June issue of the 'Eventing USA' magazine. To receive the USEA’s award-winning print magazine, join today! Let us start by reiterating that the safety of rider and equine athletes has been and always will be a paramount concern of the USEA, its staff, officers and directors. The Association works tirelessly and continually to improve safety in every aspect of this sport.
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Katherine Cooper, a member of the USEA Board of Governors, and Chair of the USEA Equine Medical Research Committee talks about the USEA grant funding and the projects that were funded through the Morris Animal Foundation. Dr. Carey Williams, Equine Extension Specialist at Rutgers, the State University explains the findings from research on equine nutrition in the event horse that was carried out over two years.
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Any series of logs, ditches and banks can be called a cross-country course, and for lower-level horses and riders, simple and straightforward is far preferable to spooky and technical. Going up the levels, courses become progressively more difficult and more interesting, and at some of today’s bigger events, the cross-country course can showcase sponsors, entertain spectators and challenge horses and riders to the extreme.
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This week's episode is an update on safety issues with Sarah Broussard, who is co-chair of the USEA Course Design & Fence Construction Safety Task Force and with Carol Kozlowski is also co-chair of the USEA Safety Committee. Click here to listen on the web, click here for the MP3, or listen on the podcast player below.
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