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World experts in equestrian sport and risk management met last weekend at Tattersalls (IRL) for the Fédération Equestre Internationale’s (FEI) Eventing Risk Management summit, taking a 360 look at minimizing risk in the sport. Olympic
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As year one of the USEA Collapsible Fence Study comes to an end, Dr. Suzanne Weaver Smith addressed the USEA Board of Governors at the 2016 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention on the progress of the University of Kentucky (UK) research at this halfway point.Dr. Smith leads a small, but mighty team at the University of Kentucky which consists of Mechanical Engineering (ME) graduate student Gregorio Robles Vega, ME undergraduate senior Lange Ledbetter and Shannon Wood, an equestrian and engineering physics student at Murray State University.
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The University of Kentucky (UK) study is focused on understanding the horse/fence contact and interaction during rotational falls as a means to provide insight into rotational fall prevention and requirements to guide the sport’s course and safety device designers. The team at UK would like to thank the donors to date. Their contributions have enabled our work to progress quickly toward accomplishing this year’s goals. We are very appreciative of the support and keep the donors in mind as we work.
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Equestrian Canada’s Chair of the Eventing High Performance Advisory Group and National Safety Officer Dr. Rob Stevenson joined the discussion on equestrian safety at the USEA Convention this afternoon with a seminar on The Eventing Risk Management Continuum.
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As the fall competition season is in full swing, the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention is quickly approaching! Join us in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. December 7-11 for a long weekend to discuss, learn and enjoy time surrounded by eventing enthusiasts. Learning opportunities are endless. There will be countless seminars, taught by industry professionals, to learn something new, or to learn more on something you’re already passionate about.
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You’ve seen those commercials talking about replacing your mattress after every eight years—after all, that’s a lot of dead skin cells, dirt, dust mites, etc., that gathers every night. And when it comes to your favorite pair of riding pants, you don’t think twice about replacing them when they’re starting to be worn thin, or maybe showing a little too much wear and tear. But do you even think about how old your helmet is?Go ahead, take a moment from reading this to find your helmet and look at the tags inside. We’ll wait…
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The summer meeting of the USEA Board of Governors was held last week in Dulles, Virginia. With full representation of the Board plus quite a few staff members, it was a productive meeting as this dedicated group of volunteers discussed a variety of topics and worked towards solutions.
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The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is excited to announce their new partnership with Ride Safe. Ride Safe has joined the USEA as a Contributing Level Sponsor of the 2016 USEA Intercollegiate Championship and Prize Level Sponsor of the 2016 Nutrena USEA American Eventing Championships.
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This article originally appeared on Eventing Nation, ‘Is This Sport Safe Enough?’ Breaking Down the Latest Eventing Safety Statistics. 
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