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James Atkinson discusses the ins and outs of the "r" Course Design Seminar that took place during the Copper Meadows FEI Event in Ramona, California. The designers are given a plot of land and told to come up with a Preliminary-level combination, which Atkinson then reviews and critiques.
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On December 1, 2014, the ‘S’ Eventing licenses for Judges, Technical Delegates, and Course Designers will become effective.
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Accommodations from Copper Meadows Omnibus page: Ramona Valley Inn.-5 mi., (760) 789.-6433. San Vicente Inn.-10 mi., (760) 789-8290 ext. 4000. Hampton Inn and Suites - 15 miles, (858)391-1222. For more hotels in the area, check under accommodations. Camping: Permitted. No open fires; no hook ups available.
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Have you ever wondered what the cross-country course designer is thinking about when designing a track? Learn the aspects of design, flow, footing, and more. Don’t miss out - register now!
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The two-day training program will be conducted at the beautiful Waredaca Farm in Laytonsville, Md., on May 12-13, 2014. Panelists for this training program are Linda Zang and Gretchen Butts.
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The B & C Jumping Training Program for prospective Eventing Judges and TD's will be conducted April 18-20, 2014 during the Holly Hills Horse Trials in Benton, Louisiana. Anyone who is interested in obtaining their “r” Eventing TD or Judge license are required to attend this training program.
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The 2014 theme for the event is a French Invasion; Norwood to Normandy. A fitting choice since this year’s elite lineup of Fork officials will include Alain James of France, recently selected as a member of the ground jury for the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France.
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