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Abby Gibbon is on a journey to obtain her USEF “r” Eventing Judge's license and is taking us along with her through the Training Program for Eventing Officials. Click to catch up on Part I and Part II.
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The following individuals received their USEF Eventing Officials License or were promoted by the USEF Licensed Officials Committee (LOC) at their meeting in April, 2018. The USEA is delighted to see new officials joining the eventing community and we encourage organizers to reach out to these officials for their future events. Eventing JudgeSarah Gonzalez, ‘r’Laurel, MD(954) [email protected]
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Many of us, when we walk courses, have a routine. Things we look for, things we know will catch certain riders off guard, things we’re careful to point out to our students. Even the way we walk, the practiced length of our strides, the lines we take between fences. We think about this stuff from the rider or trainer’s perspective, carefully honed over years of walking, thinking about, and riding courses. Time, and experience.
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The USEA Training Program for Eventing Officials (TPEO) educates the next generation of officials, providing them with the skills they need to support the sport as licensed officials, including judges, technical delegates, and course designers. Competitions can’t occur without quality officials to ensure the safe running of events and that all safety rules and precautions are followed to the letter.
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