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In order to be eligible to attend an ICP Assessment you must have attended the required ICP Workshop(s) as a full participating Candidate Instructor. Auditing does not count toward the Workshop attendance requirement. Assessments are conducted in one day. You will teach a dressage, show jumping, and cross-country riding and jumping lesson, as well as take a hands-on Horse and Stable Management exam. Additional written exams will be provided to registered Assessment Candidates 30 days prior to the Assessment dates.
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Sue Hershey details five jumping exercises in her article on the 2014 ICP Ocala Symposium with Aaron Vale. Additionally, the article looks at five horse and rider pairs to reveal the positive effects that Aaron's gymnastic line has on very different horses.
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Sue Hershey was in attendance for the 2014 ICP Ocala Symposium, and provided an in-depth recap of the lessons that Canadian international dressage rider Jacqueline Brooks taught.
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"Yogi likened the cross-country horse to a race car with 5 gears, using the fifth gear for galloping and simple single fences. Gearing down is needed for combinations and ‘problem’ fences, but always keep the engine revved." Julie Hook recaps Yogi Breisner's sessions at the USEA ICP Symposium at the Trifecta Event at Galway Downs.
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The U.S. Eventing Association’s Instructors’ Certification Program (ICP) invites event riders, instructors, horse owners, and other friends of the sport to attend the 2014 ICP Ocala Symposium, Monday and Tuesday, February 10 and 11, at Longwood Farm South in Ocala, Florida.
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