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Tammi Smith, Chair of the Professional Horseman’s Council (PHC) from Area VI reviews the latest developments and discussions that took place during the 2015 Annual Meeting. Patience O’Neal is the profiled rider in our series of USEF Under-25 Training List Riders.
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Eventing groom Max Corcoran reviews a selection of alternate equine therapies; their pros and cons, and rider/trainer Tik Maynard continues his series on equine behavior and learning. 
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Tik Maynard begins a series on equine behavior with an extract from his presentation at the 2015 Annual Meeting in which he addressed How Horses Learn.  Margaret Stocker from Area V features in our profile series on the USEF Under-25 Training List.
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The US Equestrian Federation awarded Helena “Lana” DuPont Wright the Jimmy A. Williams Lifetime Achievement Trophy at the Pegasus Awards gala held during the 2016 Annual Meeting for her years of service in equestrian sport.  Wright, of Chesapeake, MD, has done it all, from being the first woman ever to compete on an Olympic Eventing team, to winning a medal at the 1991 Pairs World Driving Championships more than 20 years later.  This exclusive interview chronicles her remarkable life with horses.
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The “Evaluation of the Young Event Horse Prospect” Symposium will be a wonderful educational event for anyone interested in breeding, handling, buying, riding and evaluating young event horses. Taking place in Ocala, Florida, February 22-23, this symposium will explain both the Future Event Horse (FEH) and Young Event Horse (YEH) programs and provide a certification opportunity for YEH/FEH judges on February 24th.
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The Charles Owen Technical Merit Award, which aims to recognize safe and effective cross-country riding at the Training level, will kick off the 2016 season in February at the Pine Top Advanced H.T. Junior and adult amateur Training level riders entered will be vying for a chance to receive a Charles Owen Body Protector and helmet bag. Year end high-point winners will receive a Charles Owen helmet. 
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Competing this year? Make sure your membership is current before you start competing. Joining or renewing your membership is now easier than ever - Visit the USEA's Online Services and renew, email your application to or fax your application to the USEA at (703) 779-0550 or call us at 703-779 0440 
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Denise Dailey-Thomas from Area VI, a new member of the Board of Directors tells us how she got involved in the sport as an amateur, and Madison Temkin from Area VI is our featured rider in the USEF Under-25 Winter Training List.
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We are two weeks away from the West Coast Instructor Certification Program's (ICP) Annual Symposium! These symposiums are wonderful educational opportunities for ICP Instructors, riders, or someone looking to become ICP certified. All are welcome - You do not have to be an ICP Instructor to attend. Everyone has something to gain from this high-caliber instruction. 
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