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Original Post Date: 04/16/2010 - 00:00   |   Last Updated: 2011:11:22 15:09:48

The USEA is very excited that FINISH LINE® Quality Horse Products has decided to renew their contract for the 2010 USEA American Eventing Championships. For over 30 years, FINISH LINE® has been a quality manufacturer of equine supplements, health care products, liniments and topicals, shampoos, and more.  They have offered many great samples of their products over the years and their Original Apple Flavor has been a favorite among horses.  
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The United States Eventing Association is pleased to announce the launch of a new sister site, Discover Eventing is devoted to educating and informing readers about the sport of three-day eventing. The USEA hopes the site becomes a valuable resource for eventers and eventers-to-be wishing to expand their knowledge about the sport.
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It was a weekend of firsts at the SmartPak Equine/USEA Training Three-Day Event at FENCE Horse Trials, in Landrum, SC. The first time FENCE hosted a Training Three-Day. The first Training Three-Day of 2010, and the first rider of the day took home first prize.
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After raising $16,085 in only a few months for the USEA Equine Cardiovascular Study, the USEA Endowment Trust will be extending their pledge drive until May 1, 2010 in hopes of meeting the goal of $25,000 for this important study.The Endowment Trust will match donations up to $25,000 for the Equine Cardiovascular Study - we're less than $10,000 away from our goal!
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This year marks the seventh running of the Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series, an assembly of eight destination events across the country designed to reward top horse and rider combinations at the pinnacle of the sport. Gold Cup events are spread from coast to coast, giving any willing participant the chance to succeed in this elite series.
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VitalWear Equine, manufacturer of the RecoveryWrap and VitalWrap systems, is pleased to announce its Legacy sponsorship of the SmartPak Equine/USEA Classic Series.  VitalWear Equine offers affordable and easy-to-use new solutions to age-old troubles with their line of heat and cold therapy systems.  Gone are the days of standing horses in messy ice-boots or cumbersome buckets.  The revolutionary, hassle free systems take the worry out of injury prevention and treatment.  
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Talented artist, Shai Steiner, of Animals In Primary has signed on as a sponsor of the 2010 USEA American Eventing Championships. The Seattle, Washington artist is well known for her pop-art type paintings of horses and dogs. Steiner uses a limited pallet of colors and works from black and white photos, which she typically captures herself.“I started eventing at the same time I started painting,” Steiner explained. “Eventers are my best clients and they are such a giving group of people. I decided to sponsor the USEA as a way to give back to them.”
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