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Adequan along with the USEA announced today at the USEA Awards Luncheon that the year-end purse for the 2011 Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series will be doubled to $20,000 and the Gold Cup Champion will be awarded a year supply of Adequan.“I have such a passion for everything that you do for this sport,” said Allyn Mann of Adequan. “I want to up the ante, and whoever is going to be standing on this stage will be receiving $20,000. I am all about giving back to those who support our product and those are you eventers.”
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Join International Equestrian Sports Psychologist and Biomechanics Consultant, Daniel Stewart, for a fun, informative, and humorous look at Equestrian Sport Psychology.
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Training Solutions From Top Event Riders Re-Cap - This afternoon an international panel of top event riders took questions from a packed room of USEA Convention attendees. Here are a synopsis of the questions and answers asked in today’s hour and half meeting.
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As USEA President Kevin Baumgardner's term winds to a close this weekend, he took the opportunity at the opening of the meeting to address the legacy of the out-going USEA Board members, the success of the past year, and the promising path the Association is on for the future. Baumgardner also mentioned the support of the membership. "Our starters have remained so strong in an economically challenging period. We're within range of historically high numbers," said Baumgardner.
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Today at the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, there were a wide array of meetings and seminars. Here are just a few of the meetings that took place today:
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The sunny skies of the Arizona desert made for a perfect setting as USEA members from across the country joined together for a show jumping course design seminar taught by the legendary Richard Je
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