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Karen O’Connor and Joan Goswell’s Mandiba led the Adequan USEA Gold Cup CIC3*W at Rebecca Farm (Kalispell, Montana) from start to finish, culminating their weekend with a shining victory in the competitive division.
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Karen O’Connor maintained her overnight lead in the CIC3*W with Mandiba, though Phillip Dutton & TruLuck aren’t far behind---less than a rail, in fact. Both Olympians churned out double-clear rides on their horses—the only two riders in the division to accomplish this feat.
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The standings shifted radically beneath Karen O'Connor's feet Sunday afternoon during the show jumping phase of the Adequan USEA Gold Cup CIC3*W division at The Event at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana. Aboard with Joan Goswell's Mandiba, the pair stood strong and posted a double-clear round in the stadium to decisively retain victory.
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At the Event at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana, Hannah Sue Burnett & Harbour Pilot (pictured left) maintained their overnight lead in the long-format Preliminary Three-Day division, after a double-clear round, and are a few points ahead of Cathy Wieschhoff and Simba with their 30.6 he
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After posting a double-clear round, Karen O’Connor and Joan Goswell’s Mandiba held onto their slim overnight lead in the CIC3*W division (the Adequan USEA Gold Cup division) at Rebecca Farm this afternoon.
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