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The 2009 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention held December 2-6 in Reston, Virginia could be deemed nothing but a complete success.
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On Saturday night five individuals and three horses were inducted into the USEA Eventing Hall of Fame during the USEA’s Annual Meeting and Convention.  Bruce Davidson, Denis Glaccum, Kevin Freeman, David O’Connor, and Eileen Thomas along with the horses Custom Made,
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Review of USEA Studies
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With the World Equestrian Games nearly upon us (less than a year to go!), USEF CEO John Long explained a few of the facts and figures that make this WEG so incredible. "Five years ago tomorrow, the USEF made its pitch to host the Games...we've all put in a tremendous amount of work since them." The state of Kentucky has invested $110 million into the horse park to prepare for the WEG--this is the first time that the Games has ever been held outside of Europe, and there was the need to make it "technically, artistically, and financially perfect."
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 USEA Annual Membership Meeting December 5, 2009Reston, Virginia I.                   Call to OrderThe meeting was called to order by the President, Kevin Baumgardner, at 12:30 p.m. 
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Though the highlight of the day was the Awards Luncheon, check out some of the great educational seminars and meetings that took place today during the 2009 USEA 50th Anniversary Convention & Annual Meeting.Training Solutions from Top Riders, Presented by the USEA ICP - Speakers: Buck Davidson, Will Coleman, Phillip Dutton, Mike Huber, Karen O'Connor, Kim Severson, and Allison Springer
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