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We've got some top-notch speakers coming to this year's USEA Annual Meeting and Convention, held at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas from December 3-7. To whet your appetite, we are previewing some of those speakers over the next several weeks.Planning for and Handling Horses During Emergencies with Eldon Reyer
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Do you have a special connection with someone being recognized at this year’s Annual Meeting and Convention and you want to find a way to honor them?  Purchasing an advertisement to be included in the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention Program is a great way to show your appreciation to your fellow eventer or family member for their amazing achievements this year.
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Does your saddle fit your horse? Is it helping or hindering his performance? USEA Editors Leslie Threlkeld and Caroline Culbertson met with professional saddle fitter Patty Merli to discuss some basics of saddle fitting that can be evaluated at home before calling a pro. Click the link below to see part one of this two-part series - you may be surprised by what you learn!
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A horse feed company is working with Boise State University students to conduct a survey of the horse community. The findings of this survey will help us improve and serve you better. Your input is very important to us.  This survey will only take you about 15 minutes to complete. Survey participants can choose to be entered in to win one of four $25 gift certificates. Your responses will be anonymous and confidential.We would greatly appreciate it if you could give us your feedback by clicking on the link below and taking the survey before October 20, 2014.
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The proposed USEF rule change regarding the Beginner Novice, Novice, Training and Preliminary levels is still very much up for deliberation, and the USEA would like to welcome the input of its members.
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"Postural Imbalances" Lecture with Dr. Patricia Bona
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Leesburg, Va. – The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is excited to announce that Ocoos, a leader in online equestrian business solutions, is joining us as a sponsor. Ocoos works closely with progressive equine professionals to develop optimized internet solutions, and joins the USEA as a contributing sponsor of the Annual Meeting and Convention. Ocoos also offers special discount prices for their business platform to USEA members.  
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Leesburg, Va. - The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is making final preparations for the 2014 Young Event Horse (YEH) Championships, which will be held in two locations this month: one on the east coast, and one on the west coast.
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