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Charles Owen

Charles Owen and Airowear will return as sponsors of the 2018 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI4* April 26-29, 2018 and are looking forward to a weekend of professional fittings and world class eventing!
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It doesn't take long talking with Roy Burek, grandson of the founder of Charles Owen, before the conversation steers into the science of head injury and the wonders to be found beneath the skull.His passion has led him to be a supervisor for the HEADS ITN, a current Horizon 2020 European €3.4 million project* researching the future of sports helmet standards. Through his involvement with this project, he is in regular communication with top universities both in Europe and North America.
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Charles Owen, the official riding helmet of the USEA, announced today a new safety campaign for 2017. “Safety365” will share the many ways Charles Owen makes safety a priority every day of the year. They have hinted at sharing rider testimonials, fitting facts and safety tips, to help educate all riders on how you can enjoy horses as safely as possible. Make sure to check back on the USEA website as the Safety365 series is rolled out this year. 
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As a sportsman, we can test ourselves at home, but it is only when we test ourselves at local, national or even international shows or events that we can really know how good we are. It is the same with helmets; the best can be tested anywhere in the world and pass with flying colours.
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Helmets have come a long way from when they were being made out of cloth and shellac. Many of those advances are due to the plethora of modern materials. Selecting the right materials to be used in a Charles Owen helmet is an art in itself and is essential in creating the safest helmet possible.
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Before a helmet can even begin to head to the first step of production, Charles Owen has to decide what kind of helmet needs to be made. Charles Owen offers a wide variety of helmets that suits the needs of every equestrian. The designers pay close attention to trends in both equestrian and mainline fashion as well as safety and technological innovations before coming up with hundreds of designs, which are then whittled down to a few products that are worthy of the Charles Owen brand.  Each helmet released is a direct result of what riders need and want.
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Phillip Dutton and William Coleman both wore the newly launched Charles Owen 4Star Helmet at last week's Rolex Kentucky CCI4*. Watch the videos below to hear their feedback about the 4Star Helmet after wearing them for the first time on cross-country.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Charles Owen Inc. will once again be present at the 2012 Rolex Three-Day event in Lexington, Kentucky, April 26 – 29.  With over ten years of presence at Rolex Three-Day Events, Charles Owen has become a staple on site and a true fixture on the list of vendors and sponsors.   This year’s Rolex Event will be especially exciting with the upcoming Summer Olympics.
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World famous for raising the bar in safety, Charles Owen & Company is celebrating its 100 year birthday as a leading British manufacturer of riding helmets and body protectors.  When Charles Owen himself founded the company in 1911, his mission was to make products for a safer world. Under the direction of Charles Owen’s grandson, Roy Burek, the mission has remained the same, but has extended its reach to all parts of the globe.
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