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An exciting day of cross-country in the final phase of the Adequan USEA Gold Cup and PRO Tour Series CIC3* at The Fork in Norwood, North Carolina ended with a race against the clock. Tremaine Cooper’s cross-country course was challenging enough, but the optimum time was very tight...
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The margin of error is slim in the Adequan USEA Gold Cup and PRO Tour Series CIC3* division at The Fork. Phillip Dutton and Bruce Duchossois’ 8-year-old Irish Sport Horse Mighty Nice, the leaders after dressage, plummeted to 19th place after dropping just two rails in show jumping. Chris Barnard's tough show jumping track significantly shuffled the standings, but with a polished double-clear, Lynn Symansky and her own 10-year-old Thoroughbred Donner moved into the lead.
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Though the day remained mostly cloudy with the sun making brief appearances, today's weather was much more pleasant than yesterday, and the CIC3* division wrapped up dressage with close scores, many ties, and an exciting two days of jumping to come. Phillip Dutton, competing three horses in the Adequan USEA Gold Cup and PRO Tour Series CIC3* division, topped off a day packed with phenomenal performances when he and Bruce Duchossois’ 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding Mighty Nice entered the ring as the last ride of the day, and left as leaders on a score of 44.7.
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What started as a windy and slightly damp morning worsened as the day progressed, and by the time the Adequan USEA Gold Cup and PRO Tour Series CIC3* division got under way this afternoon, a cold rain blew sideways. Nevertheless, the first full day of competition at The Fork CIC3*, 2*, and Horse Trials finished on time, thanks in part to an awesome group of volunteers that included a local Boy Scout troop, and concluded with a gathering at "The Ordinary," one of The Fork's shooting lodges, where the course builders and maintenance crew had been roasting a pig all day in a hickory pit.
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There were no rails in hand heading into the show jumping phase at The Fork, but that didn’t matter to Phillip Dutton, Karen O’Connor, Michael Pollard, and Allison Springer as they all held onto their overnight leads in their respective divisions by jumping clear rounds over the Sally Ike designed show jump course.
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