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Today, the USEA boasts nearly 12,000 members and about 250 USEA recognized events take place across the nation each year. We also offer many educational programs, clinics, and seminars for our members. Various categories and price ranges of memberships are available, which offer something for everyone depending on level of interest. To learn more about the USEA, visit the About Us page. 

Having problems logging into your account? Contact the USEA at 703-779-0440 (2)

USEA Membership and Horse Registration are mandatory to compete in all USEA recognized competitions at the Novice Level and above. No exceptions! Make sure your USEA Membership is active and that your horse is properly registered to compete at the appropriate level. Points and placings are not retroactive. Competitors who repeatedly enter events at the Novice level and above without the benefit of membership will be included on a list provided to Organizers and their entries will not be accepted. The USEA Membership year runs from December 1st through November 30th.

USEA Member Benefits

Full Member- $85

  • Ability to compete at all recognized USEA Horse Trials at all levels
  • Ability to compete in USEA Programs such as the USEA Young Event Horse Series, USEA New Event Horse Series, USEA Future Event Horse Series, USEA Classic Series, Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series, Charles Owen Technical Merit Award Events, and the Nutrena USEA American Eventing Championships
  • A subscription to Eventing USA (four-color educational magazine with articles, profiles and competition reports and photos recognizing member achievements)
  • Subscription to all electronic newsletters
  • National competition schedule via online Omnibus
  • Personal Notification of upcoming competition opening dates of specific interest to individual members
  • Full access to USEA website with horse and rider competitive records.
  • Verification of qualifications for competition levels and championships
  • Eligibility for USEA Horse and Rider Awards Programs – USEA Medal Program, Technical Merit Award
  • Eligibility for American Eventing Championships and all Area Championships (if qualified)
  • Area member services
  • Eligibility for USEA Leaderboards
  • Eligibility for Adult Rider and Junior/Young Rider educational programs
  • USEA provided Competition Liability Insurance
  • Directory of USEA Certified Instructors
  • USEA Decal Magnet

Full Member ($25 Junior Age Discount) - $60

  • All benefits as above but only open to competitors through the end of the calendar year of their 18th birthday.

Collegiate Program Membership ($25 Discount) - $60

  • If the Affiliate College/University submits the membership form to the USEA the $25.00 discount will be automatically applied.
  • Receives all Full Member benefits. Only open to students who’s University/College holds an Affiliate Membership with the USEA.
  • Collegiate Eventing Members must also provide a copy of their College or University Photo ID when registering with the USEA. The ID will need to be uploaded at the time of registration with the USEA, or copied and mailed with their paper application. The USEA will verify the credentials and issue a discount at that time.
  • A drop down menu of USEA Affiliated Colleges/Universities will be available when the collegiate member registers online with the USEA. Those not registering online will be able to fill in the name of their College/University on the membership form. $60.00 a year.

Life Member - $1,500

  • Receives all benefits listed in Full Membership above for life

Supporting Member - $40

  • 6 Issues of Eventing USA (December 1 to November 30)
  • Subscription to all electronic newsletters
  • USEA Decal Magnet

Additional Benefits of USEA Membership:

  • Sanctioning and monitoring of competition standards and specifications of courses
  • Voting rights
  • Development of competition calendar
  • Course standardization creating an even-playing field across the nation
  • An Equine Drugs and Medications program to further insure an even playing field for competitors
  • Course safety
  • Well-trained and Educated Officials
  • Educational clinics, seminars and schooling shows.
  • Advocacy for the sport of eventing
  • The ability for members to have their voices heard and to share in the governance of their sport
  • National and international news, photos and information about the sport through
  • Live-scoring from competitions
  • Online Videos (and audio) from major competitions with interviews with the riders, course designers etc.
  • Online Educational videos
  • Bi-weekly USEA e-newsletter
  • Database maintenance of statistical sport and member information including results from 1974
  • Online Rule Book including USEA policies and USEF Rules and Regulations
  • Online access to all horse records.
  • Education, certification and continuing education of trainers/instructors (ICP)
  • Competition Liability Insurance which covers organizers, competitors, owners, officials, spectators and volunteers.
  • Historical competitive records on all horses
  • Compilation of national competition schedule for online Omnibus
  • Access to a comprehensive Eventing library at the national headquarters in Leesburg, Va. Open to members year-round from 9:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m.

USEA Recognition Programs

  • USEA Medal Program
  • Blue Ribbon Award Program
  • Certificate of Horse & Rider Achievement
  • Volunteer Recognition Programs
  • Worth the Trust Educational Scholarship
  • Amateur Young Adult Scholarship
  • Rebecca Broussard Travel Grant
  • Beacon Charm Grant

Extra Perks:

USEA's sponsors are an integral part of the Eventing community. For that reason, the USEA may send out emails on behalf of their sponsors. The USEA does not share or sell member email addresses or telephone numbers.

USEA Official Corporate Sponsors