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USEA Foundation

The USEA is proud to introduce the new USEA Foundation. Formerly named the USEA Endowment Trust, the USEA Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization specifically created to support the core purposes of the USEA and as such is dedicated to protecting, preserving and enriching the sport of Eventing. Like the Endowment Trust before it, the USEA Foundation was set up for the benefit of the USEA, it was, and still is, an entity separate and distinct from the Association. Endowed gifts are an enduring way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for and commitment to the USEA and the sport of eventing for the future.


Endowed gifts are an enduring way to demonstrate your commitment to. They are an excellent way to help the USEA achieve its vision and priorities for the future. An endowment operates like an investment vehicle. Once it is created, the interest earned is used to support the intended purpose of the fund. Thus, the principal is never utilized permitting the fund to be maintained in perpetuity. Under the terms of the Declaration of Trust, “the USEA Foundation is organized, and shall at all times be operated, exclusively for the benefit of, or to perform the functions of, or to carry out the Charitable Purposes of the USEA.” Therefore, you can safely donate to the Foundation sure in the knowledge that all funds donated to the USEA Foundation will be securely invested to ensure the long-term future of the USEA and the sport.

Direct Contribution

By check or credit card, this is the easiest way you can contribute to the foundation. Donate through the USEA Online Services Site for fast and secure service.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving campaigns offer a convenient way to make payroll deduction contributions to the USEA Endowment Fund. Workplace giving campaigns include The United Way Campaign; State, City, and Local Government campaigns; and other workplace giving programs.

United Way Campaign

Many individuals find it convenient to participate in workplace giving through their employer's United Way Campaign. Some United Way Campaign offices offer the option of designating specific organizations to receive funding.

State, City, and Local Government Employee Campaigns

Employees of these agencies may also contribute to the USEA Foundation at their workplace if the foundation meets the agency's eligibility criteria. Specifically designating the USEA Foundation in campaigns where eligibility has not yet been determined is often the catalyst for the Endowment becoming eligible.

Other Workplace Giving Campaigns

Many non-governmental employers offer their employees workplace giving in lieu of participating in community-based campaigns such as United Way.

Donating Stock

It is simple to make a charitable contribution in the form of individual stocks or mutual funds. Securities that have increased in value may be worth more in tax savings. These gifts are generally deductible for their full value if owned longer than a year, and they also allow you to avoid the capital gains tax that would otherwise be collected from their sale.

If you have traditional retirement accounts and are over 59 ½ year of age, you might think of making withdrawls sufficient to fund your charitable gifts. Simply report the income on your tax return, and then take a corresponding deduction for your charitable contribution. This plan usually results in a "wash" for tax purposes, but allows you to use additional retirement funds in a manner that ensures they will in effect, never be subjected to income, estate, or gift taxes.

Soon, many charitably-minded people will find that they can leave more of their estate to their family free of gift and estate taxes. This change will pave the way for the inclusion of more charitable gifts in one's long-term estate plans. 

Don't hesitate to call the U.S. Eventing Assocition should you have any questions or desire information to complete your charitable gift before year's end. We can put in touch with a member of professionals, who would be pleased to assist you in reviewing your financial situation.

Planned Giving

Many individuals are concerned about the future of eventing. That's why they have provided a legacy of freedom in their estate planning by contributing to the programs and activities of the Endowment Fund. You, too, can join these generous individuals as members of the U.S. Eventing Association by your commitment to the USEA Foundation through your will or other planned gift.

Planned gifts benefit both the individual and the U.S. Eventing Association. Such a gift is usually the result of careful financial and/or estate planning, and is often combined with current gifts as part of an overall giving program. These gifts include trusts, bequests, personal property, life insurance and gifts of real property subject to a life estate. Each of these forms of giving is closely regulated by law and requires special arrangements and tax treatment.

One's legacy can be furthered through a gift to the USEA Foundation. A permanent source of funding for educational programs, endowment provide the opportunity to change the course of history. A gift to the endowment is a gift for the future as it will ensure that support for the work of the USEA Foundation is forever available in the years - and generations - to come.


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