Young Rider Advancement Program

The Young Rider Advancement Program (YRAP) is a new initiative designed to present Novice through Preliminary level young riders with a structured developmental process that will provide the education and skills they need to progress through the levels, and eventually into the ranks of the NAYRC.

To provide a structured developmental process to young riders from the novice through preliminary levels.

At the USEA Annual Meeting in Portland in 2001, the concept of the new Young Rider Advancement Program (YRAP) was introduced, as outlined in a proposal put forth by the Active Young Rider Committee. The YRAP is intended to provide the average young rider with the vital steps of a developmental process from the earliest levels of competition. This program focuses on those riders from the novice through preliminary levels, prior to their ascension into the ranks of the NAYRC developmental program. While we can't reasonably replace the educational process of a traditional apprenticeship, under an established and accomplished rider; we believe we can create a program that achieves some of the vital elements of that experience. The YRAP encompass a variety of clinics, camps, and educational activities which provide the educational development necessary for a young rider's progression into the NAYRC program, eventual recognition by the NGB developmental programs, and their ultimate ascension into international ranks. While many young riders never endeavor to progress this far in their riding careers, the steps will nevertheless be in place for them to accomplish whatever competitive goals they may have. The goal in organizing this program is to create a structure, which similarly parallels the structure of the NAYRC program and the NGB developmental programs, so that a rider is familiar with this format from the beginning.

Program Structure:
The YRAP is a sub-program of the existing Young Rider program. Within each Area, the existing Young Rider program has essentially been divided into two parts. The YRAP and NAYRC branches each function in cooperation with the other and operate under the facilitation of the Area Young Rider Coordinator.

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