USEA New Event Horse Series

The USEA New Event Horse classes are designed to be an introduction to the sport of Eventing for horse and rider. Adapted from the Young Event Horse talent search, the NEH classes are intended to assess a horse’s capability for Eventing and to provide a stepping stone to recognized Eventing. New Event Horse classes focus on education and preparation to begin Eventing in a correct and progressive manner. 

Horses are asked to complete three sections: 1) Conformation and Type, 2) Dressage 3)Jumping Test/Gallop/General Impression. While many outstanding upper level prospects may find the New Event Horse classes helpful, these classes are intended to be more introductory in nature, and to place a greater emphasis on temperament and suitability. The ultimate goal of the New Event Horse Series is to choose the horse that possesses the talent and mind set, and who with proper training, would be the horse most likely to become a competent, safe, and fun Adult Amateur, Junior, or Young Rider, horse at the Preliminary levels and below.

2017 New Event Horse Calendar

The Event Derby at Fresno County Horse Park - April 8-9, 2017

The Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy Farm - July 8-9, 2017

NEH and YEH at Loch Moy Farm - September 9, 2017

Carolina Horse Park - September 30, 2017


*There is no championship for the NEH series.

For information on NEH Guidelines, Requirements, Structure, Scoring, and Judging visit the NEH Guidelines webpage.


If you are interested in hosting a USEA New Event Horse Series competition or have questions about the NEH program, please contact Kate Lokey, (703) 779-9897.

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