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The USEA Adult Team Challenges have been generously sponsored by the Chronicle of the Horse for more than 20 years. The Challenges have given adult riders not competing at the highest levels of the sport to compete in a friendly team competition. In previous years the Challenges were held annually in different locations (Eastern, Central and Western) around the United States. For Adult Riders that have participated in the events, they have always been an exciting way to team up with fellow adult riders in your Area to compete. In an effort to re-energize the program, the membership of the USEA have voted to change the overall model of the program. Starting in 2014 every area was encouraged to hold Adult Team Challenges to offer adult riders the opportunity to compete in team competitions leading up to the USEA Adult Team Championships held at the USEA American Eventing Championships. As a result, no longer were Adult Team Challenges be isolated to the three challenges around the country, instead there may be as many as 10 opportunities to compete in an Area Team competition, with a finale occurring at the Adult Team Championship!

In 2019, Areas will hold Adult Team Challenges throught the country, culminating at the 2019 USEA Adult Team Championships at the AEC.

The 2019 calendar of Adult Team Challenges is to be determined. If your event would like to host an Adult Team Challenge, please email Kate Lokey [email protected]

ATC Finals will be held at the USEA American Eventing Championships August 27-September 1, 2019 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

Divisions Offered

  • Preliminary Team Championship
  • Training Team Championship
  • Novice Team Championship
  • Beginner Novice Team Championship

Mandatory Qualifications for Entry into the USEA Adult Team Championships

For information on the National and Area qualification standards, please visit the "Qualifying for ATC" page.

USEA Adult Team Championships - Area Team Selection Procedures

Each Area will have differing procedures to identify teams selected to compete at the USEA Adult Team Championships.  Interested adult riders are encouraged to contact their Area Adult Rider Coordinator for selection procedures specific to their Area.  A complete list of contacts can be found at http://useventing.com/about/areas.

USEA Adult Team Championship Rider Support

Many Areas are planning to provide sponsorship, support, and in some cases travel assistance to teams identified to represent them. More information coming soon.

USEA Adult Team Championships Prizes

$2,000 per level prize money was secured for 2017 ATC Championship. 

(Photo by Janet Giesselman)


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