Cindy Burge Memorial ICP Grant

The USEA and the Instructors’ Certification Program call your attention to the Cindy Burge Memorial ICP Grant, offered each year by each USEA Area’s Adult Rider Program to one (or more) of its Area’s instructors who meets the grant’s qualification standards and is selected as a recipient.   These qualification standards include merit as an instructor, service to the sport, potential to provide future benefit to the sport, and demonstration of compatibility with the educational goals of ICP and intention to be assessed for ICP certification. 

This grant program honors Cindy Burge, who was a spirited leader of eventing in the Northwest and one of the first instructors to be certified by ICP.  With her instructing and competing and her organization of the Deep Creek Horse Trials outside of Spokane, Washington, Cindy benefited eventers every day with her knowledge and experience, her riding ability, and her organizational talent and hard work.

The Instructors’ Certification Program thanks the USEA Areas and their Adult Rider Programs for helping to identify and assist instructors all over the country who, like Cindy, are interested in confirming and enhancing their knowledge and skill as eventing instructors.  This grant money will help pay the fee for each recipient’s participation in an Assessment for ICP certification.

Before being assessed by ICP, instructors at Levels I or II must attend a 3-day Levels I/II Teaching of Dressage Workshop and a 3-day Levels I/II Teaching of Jumping Workshop; the Teaching of Jumping Workshop covers teaching of both show jumping and cross- country riding/jumping.   Usually these two Workshops are offered by the same host at the same barn/farm.  Before being assessed, instructors at Levels III or IV must attend a 3-day Levels III/IV Workshop that covers teaching of dressage, show jumping, and cross- country riding/jumping.  Then candidate instructors may be evaluated for certification at an ICP Assessment at the ICP Level appropriate for them.

Because the U.S. is so large, it is often necessary to travel a distance to both Workshops and an Assessment.  ICP is similar to the USDF instructor certification program in this way.  Nonetheless, due to the importance of increasing the safety and skill of eventing riders and horses – as well as their enjoyment of the sport – all eventing instructors are highly encouraged to go to the USEA website to view the ICP Workshop and Assessment calendar.  Everyone who attends ICP Workshops and Assessments shares and learns, including their hosts and riders.

For more information about ICP, including the definition of each ICP Level and a list of already certified ICP instructors, click on “Education” on the USEA website homepage and then on “Instructors’ Certification Program.”  For more information about your Area’s Cindy Burge Memorial ICP Grant, contact your Area Adult Rider Coordinator.  You can find that name by clicking on USEA Area Contacts and then on your own Area, or by visiting your own Area’s website. 

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