Benefits of ICP Certification

  • ICP Sponsor, Stable Secretary offers 50% off their subscription to all USEA ICP instructors in their first subscription year, and 25% off their second year of subscription. 
  • Professional confirmation of the instructor’s teaching principles and practices and of the YEH professional trainer's riding/training skill and of their rider- and horse-care standards
  • On-going conversation with all other ICP-certified instructors, with ICP-certified YEH professional trainers, and with the ICP Committee via ICP’s Googlegroups e-mail
  • On-going professional development via completion of ICP Continuing Education credits
  • Continued learning via participation in ICP Continuing Education co-teaching clinics.
  • Opportunity to share teaching/training insights via articles accepted for inclusion in the ICP Workbook
  • Listing in the USEA Directory of Certified Eventing Instructors, the USEA Directory of Certified YEH Instructors, and/or the USEA Directory of Certified YEH Professional Trainers, as well as in one’s USEA Area’s Instructor Directory, YEH Instructor Directory, and/or YEH Professional Trainer Directory.
  • 5% USEA member discount for life at Bit of Britain
  • Free 1-month access to all materials at + a free business consultation via phone with Equestrian Professional’s Elisabeth McMillan
  • Reduced premium for professional liability insurance
  • Free listings of an ICP-certified individual’s equestrian activities/clinics with
  • Reduced rate for attending or riding in ICP educational activities like the annual ICP East Coast Symposium and the ICP West Coast Symposium

USEA Official Corporate Sponsors