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Mon, 2009-12-28 00:00

USEA Announces Dates of 2010 Chronicle of the Horse/USEA Adult Team Challenge

Authored By: USEA

Find out what all the buzz is about... join your fellow adult riders on a Chronicle of the Horse/USEA Adult Team Challenge (ATC) team this year and enjoy one of the most rewarding team experiences offered in our eventing community. These unique team competition for adult amateurs competing at the lower levels is available at three different venues across the country:

Western ATC: The Summer Event at Woodside (Woodside, CA - Area VI), August 13-15
Central ATC: Greenwood Farm Horse Trials (Weatherford, TX - Area V), September 24-26
Eastern ATC: Waredaca Horse trials (Unity, MD - Area II), August 13-15

Check out the 2010 ATC guidelines for qualifying conditions and more information.

The USEA Adult Rider Program is for all adults, age 22 years and older, professional or amateur. It is about including adults across all skill and experience levels, in a supportive program that promotes education, communication, recognition and just plain fun. Adult Rider programs promote good sportsmanship and horsemanship, fun and safety for all levels of riding. Come join the fun and learn about what your Adult Rider program offers you.

Interested in learning more about the Adult Rider program? Contact your Area Adult Rider Coordinators to find out more! You can also join your Area's Adult Rider program (for $25) when you renew your USEA membership.


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