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Wed, 2011-04-27 14:11

Rebecca Broussard International Developing Rider Grant is of Unprecedented Proportion

Authored By: USEA

The much-awaited announcement outlining the scope of the Rebecca Broussard International Developing Rider Grant caused great excitement today as it was revealed that an unprecedented $250,000 fund had been established with the USEA Endowment Trust that will, over the next five years, offer an annual $30,000 training and competition grant to developing riders who are successfully competing at the advanced level.  The grant is bestowed by the Broussard Family in memory of Rebecca Chaney Broussard who passed away on December 24, 2010, and is the fulfillment of her desire to help riders achieve the goal of representing the U.S. in international team competition.

When Chairman of the USEA Endowment Trust, Kyra King Stuart, spoke to the competitors following their briefing at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event she reminded everyone of the immense contribution made by Rebecca “Becky” Broussard to the sport of Eventing: “It is an extreme honor and privilege to be here with Sarah and Jerome today to announce this grant with its far reaching impact on the future of eventing. Becky was one of those rare individuals who always saw the bigger picture of our sport, and what’s more always made it happen. This Grant is the culmination of her vision as it ensures the development of our next generation of riders and likewise the growth of our sport for years to come. It is most fitting that this Grant be housed with the USEA Endowment Trust. Becky was an avid believer in the purpose of the Trust to ensure the future of eventing and was one of our most cherished Trustees. The Trust looks forward to overseeing and maintaining this gift of such impressive magnitude in honor of Becky”

Kyra then introduced Sarah Broussard Kelly, daughter of Jerome and Becky Broussard, who summarized the purpose and scale of the 2011 Rebecca Broussard International Developing Rider Grant. 

"My mother believed in helping riders not only at the top level but at all levels," said Sarah Broussard Kelly. "She did this by offering educational opportunities and owning horses for riders throughout the nation. She wanted to see the U.S. at the top of Eventing and believed that this was only possible by support and education of the Nation's best riders. It is only fitting that part of this grant will go towards travel grants to help riders compete at The Event at Rebecca Farm. My mother developed The Event to be a platform for riders to move onward to international competition.
By creating this grant, we hope to help riders achieve their goals and allow my mother's vision for the future of Eventing to become a reality."

USEA Governor and Endowment Trustee, Louise Leslie, is also chair of the committee charged with creating the criteria for the grant. She spoke of the significance that the grant brings to the sport.  “In typical Becky fashion, this grant will encourage Eventers to be impactful and influential in international competition. This grant team has been able to create a grant that will be a part of the everlasting legacy of Rebecca Broussard. It has been an honor and privilege to cooperate in the development of the Rebecca Broussard Grants with such an esteemed group of individuals from Eventing.”

The Rebecca Broussard Developing International Rider Grants are designed to assist and to encourage the development of Event Riders at the highest level of the sport.  These grants will be awarded to offset some of the travel and training expenses in the pursuit of achieving the qualities of an international rider. These Grants are not available to riders who have already achieved the honor of representing the U.S. at international CCIO3* or 4* Eventing competitions.  

The Rebecca Broussard Developing International Rider Grant Fund has been separated into two types of grants.  The first grants will be awarded to multiple riders that display the potential qualities of an international rider.  These grants will be used to offset some of the travel expenses to compete at The Event at Rebecca Farm CIC3*, held on July 22-24, 2011.  From this group of competing riders, and riders that did not receive the initial grant but still qualified and competed at The Event at Rebecca Farm CIC3*, the larger grant will be awarded.  This larger grant can be used to offset some of the expenses incurred to compete at international FEI events held outside of the United States.

The Rebecca Broussard Developing International Rider Grant was developed and implemented by committee members Sarah B. Kelly, Kevin Baumgardner, Loris Henry, Beth Lendrum, Louise Leslie, Karen O’Connor, Howard Simpson, Kyra Stuart, Richard Thompson, and Jo Whitehouse.
Details of the grant and applications are available for download on the USEA website: Click on the “Endowment” tab on the navigation bar. Select “Grants” and look for “Endowment Shortcuts” on the right hand side.


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