Let's face it. The best way to experience Eventing is to ride and compete, but the next best way is to volunteer!

Volunteering is an educational experience like no other. Meet and join other Eventing enthusiasts and learn about the sport, riders, horses, rules, Event organization, management and planning and judging. From a local schooling horse trials to an international three-day competition, all events depend upon knowledgeable, willing volunteers.

Just about any age or experience level can find a job to do in our sport. If you have never volunteered, don't let that discourage you - you will be trained for your task at the event.

There are a myriad of opportunities to volunteer and give back to the sport. Looking for a local event to volunteer at as a jump judge, steward, scribe, or in any other position? Go to the USEA online Omnibus, click on your area and then pick an event. Contact the volunteer coordinator, or the secretary for information about volunteering. They will be very happy you called!  

Want to get more involved with the USEA? Check out the committee list or the area affiliates and find one that interests you, and contact the chair or appropriate contact to see how you can help out. There is a place for every eventing enthusiast to volunteer!

In 2015 volunteerism within the USEA began to see a major overhaul. This began with the creation of the USEA Volunteer Program which was approved by the USEA Board of Governors at the 2015 Annual Meeting and Convention. The newly created Volunteer Program, inspired by the late Seema Sonnad, is in the process of drafting a proposal to increase volunteer initiatives within the USEA. Click here to learn more about their four point proposal. 

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