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Northwest Sport Horse Breeders' Association FEH

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Dress:  Conservative sports attire (for example – khakis pants, polo shirt or “whites” used for breed shows and inspections, shoes suitable for running safely in arena footing).
Boots, Bridles, & Braiding:  No boots.  Bridles required for 2 year olds and older.  Yearlings may be shown in halter or bridle. Braiding optional, but recommended.  
Entry fee:  FEH $35 per class, Office Fee $20 per entry, Dog fee $30.  Dogs must be leashed. Entry forms at 
Stabling:  Day stall (includes one night) $40, Initial bedding provided, Additional bedding $8.00 per bag, Haul-in fee per day if not stabling $15.
Send entries to:
Mary Neal
916 So 21st Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902
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