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FEH, NEH, and FEH classes will be added to the Summer Sizzler at the Ark with competitor interest--these divisions will be held on Sunday, August 14th beginning at approximately 9am (limited to the first 20 horses entered).  YEH/NEH participants are allowed to cross-enter into the Saturday Summer Sizzler  (different riders allowed).   YEH 4 Year-Olds will be expected to jump Novice height and 5 Year-Olds Training height (the Championships are in October). NEH horses will be restricted to those that have not completed a recognized horse trials at Novice or above (any age), and will jump at most 2'3"-2'7" with banks, ditches, and water crossings possible.

Dress:  casual (medical armbands, helmets, heeled boots, and collared shirts required; vests recommended for the jumping phase)
Boots and Braiding:  braiding optional; boots and bandages not allowed during confirmation inspection or dressage

Entry Fee:  YEH $75; NEH $75; FEH $50
USEA Starter Fee:  $10
Grounds Fee:  $15 (waived for stabled horses)
Stabling Sat. night:  $40 (includes 2 bags of shavings)

Send Entries To:
Abbey Dondanville
917 Cameron Ct.
Monroe, NC  28112
[email protected]

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