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Wed, 2009-02-25 00:00

USEA Publishes 25 Years Of Eventing Results

Authored By: USEA

Have you ever wondered what kind of dressage scores pioneers of eventing like Michael Plumb, Torrance Watkins, Jimmy Wofford, and Ralph Hill received back in 1974? Or what horses David O’Connor rode in junior divisions in 1979?

In an effort to preserve eventing history and for the benefit and enjoyment of all its members, the USEA has organized much of its historic competition information into digital documents.

Results from every Intermediate and Advanced Horse Trials and all Three Day Events from 1974 through 1994 are available on our website as PDF files in the Results Archives.

You can also go to the "Competitions" tab, click on "Calendar, Omnibus, and Results," and click on the "Results Archives" in the right-hand column.

Most PDF viewers, like the free downloadable version of Adobe Reader, allow you to search for specific names and horses within the documents. So if it’s crunch time, you don’t have to search endlessly for the information you want. Otherwise, there’s nothing like a leisurely stroll down memory lane.

The records are as complete as possible, though some information may have been lost over the years or was not provided to the USEA originally. The information contained in these documents is copied directly as it appeared in the original score sheets and includes any errors that may have existed when originally created.

Are you interested in learning more about what the archives at the USEA Headquarters holds? We have nearly 50 years of articles, results, photos, and videos just waiting to see the light of day. Let us know your thoughts by sending your comments to our new Suggestion Box at [email protected].

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