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Tue, 2012-10-23 11:12

Shee's Magic Makes her Mark at the 2012 IDHSNA USEA Future Event Horse West Coast Championships

Authored By: Connie Arthur
Shee's Magic handled and owned by Sarah McCarthy took top honors at the FEH West Coast Championships.Logan Farrer Photo.

On Friday, October 19, 2012 the IDHSNA USEA Future Event Horse West Coast Championships were held at the Ram Tap facilities in Fresno, California.  The group of future event horse athletes was greeted by California’s warm Fall weather, with clear, sunny skies and mild temperatures. 

The Future Event Horse program focuses on yearlings, 2-year-olds, and 3-year-olds, by judging the potential these athletes have to become successful event horses.  The horses are judged on both their conformation, and the quality and correctness of their gaits.   Each horse which was presented in this West Coast Championship event had previously competed in a qualifying event.

In the Yearling Filly category, McKinsey, a lovely and very well-mannered Irish Draught Sport Horse by Bridon Beale Street and owned by Connie Arthur, was the winner of her division with a score of 75.5 percent.  Right behind in second place with a score of 74.6 percent was the flashy Kilkea Castle, owned by Tjode Favier.

With a score of 77.8 percent, Tuolumne Pearl, a show-stopping Irish Draught Sport Horse by Bridon Beale Street and owned by Mia McPhail, was the winning Yearling Colt.

With a wonderful score of 80.1 percent, the elegant and very correct Meaghan Leesha Moore, was the winner of the 2-year-old Filly division.  Meaghan is an Irish Draught Sport Horse by Bridon Beale Street, and is owned by Peggy Hollister.  In second place was a Holsteiner filly, Sierra de Luna SE by Clare de Lune SE, owned by Rose Sullivan, with a score of 75.2 percent. 

In the 2-year-old Colt divison, two Holsteiner colts came in first and second place, both owned by Rose Sullivan.  The dynamic Cossimo SE, was the first place winner with a score of 74.6 percent.  Close on his heels was Colt McCoy SE with a second place finish and a score of 76 percent.

Rounding out the championships was the 3-year old division.  The Filly 3-year-old division was won by a Thoroughbred, Shee’s Magic, owned by Sarah McCarthy.   Shee’s Magic earned the high score of the championships was an amazing 83.3 percent.

There was a large field in the 3-year-old Colt division.  The winning 3-year-old colt was Mighty Smart, a well-behaved and wonderful moving Hanoverian cross gelding owned by Ruth Bley, which topped the field with a score of 75.7 percent.  Following in second place was Cor de Amore SE, a Holsteiner stallion owned by Rose Sullivan, who earned a 75.2 percent.  In third place with a score of 72.7 percent was Knightley, an Irish Draught Sport Horse gelding by Bridon Beale Street, and owned by Logan Farrer.  Fourth place was secured by another Bridon Beale Street Irish Draught Sport Horse gelding, Desert Pearl, with a score of 72.1 percent.  Finishing up the 3-year-old Colt division with a score of 60.6 percent was an eye-catching Haflinger gelding, Mr. Harry Buckley, owned by Kim Fischman.

Upon completion of this first round of scoring, each separate division of horses re-entered the ring for a second combined judging of their respective age groups. 

In the Yearling category, the Irish Draught Sport Horse filly, McKinsey, was awarded first place, followed by the gelding, Tuolumne Pearl in second place, and in third place was Kilkea Castle. 

The winner of the 2-year-old class was the Holsteiner colt, Colt McCoy SE.  The second place finisher was the filly, Meaghan Leesha Moore, Cossimo SE in third place, and Sierra de Lune SE in fourth place.

In the 3-year-old division, Shee’s Magic, the Thoroughbred filly, walked away in first place.   In second place was the gelding, Mighty Smart, and in third place was Desert Pearl, with Knightly in fourth place.

The 2012 West Coast Future Event Horse Champion in the final championship judging round was the fantastic Thoroughbred 3-year-old filly, Shee’s Magic.  This gorgeous moving filly dominated the field of future event horses throughout the entire judging process.  The Reserve Champion was another filly, McKinsey, the Irish Draught Sport Horse yearling.  Third place all-around was Mighty Smart, three year old gelding.  The fourth place finisher was Meaghan Leesha Moore, with Tuolumne Pearl finishing in fifth place, and Colt McCoy SE in sixth place.

The overall Champion, Shee’s Magic, was awarded a $150 gift certificate from Dover Saddlery, leather halter, and a beautiful hand-crafted trophy from Hands On Pottery.  The Reserve Champion, McKinsey, received a $100 Dover Saddlery gift certificate, leather halter, and Hands On Pottery artwork trophy.  Additionally, the individual class fillies and colts each received a $50 gift certificate from Dover Saddlery, and each class champion also received a trophy plate from Hands On Pottery.

This 2012 West Coast Championship event could not be made possible without the cooperation of Bill Burton and Ram Tap, the dedication of Connie Arthur as the organizer of the Future Event Horse Championship series, and all the owners and handlers of this fabulous collection of future event horses.  Additional thanks is given to all the generous sponsors of the Future Event Horse series, including Title Sponsor, Irish Draught Horse Society of Northern America, as well as the Awards Sponsors, Dover Saddlery and Hands On Pottery.  Special thanks is given to Faith Fessenden for a great job of judging these up and coming talented equine athletes.  We all look forward to seeing these tremendous young horses compete in future shows.

FEH West Coast Championships Results

Champion: Shee's Magic
Reserve Champion: McKinsey
Yearling Champion: McKinsey
2-year-old Champion: Colt McCoy SE
3-year-old Champion: Shee's Magic

McKinseyYearlingFillyIDSHBridon Beale Street (ID)Glitter (HAN)Connie ArthurJoe McKinleyMarilyn Groene75.51
Kilkea CastleYearlingFillyIrish Sport HorseBridon Beale Street (ID)Highway to Helen (TB)Tjode FavierAdrienne NauTjode Favier74.62
Tuolumne PearlYearlingColtIDSHBridone Beale Street (ID)Lickeen Pearl (ISH)Mia MacPhailMia MacPhailDyan Southern77.81
Meaghan Leesha Moore2FillyIrish Sport HorseBridon Beale Street (ID)Gold's HelenaPeggy HollisterSierra ReinhartNot Given80.11
Sierra de Lune SE2FillyBelgian WBClaire De Lune (BWB)Silver Sollar (BWB)Rose SullivanJoe McKinleySE Farm75.22
Cosimo SE2ColtBelgian WBClaire De Lune  (BWB)L'Vienna (HAN)Rose SullivanJoe McKinleySE Farm76.41
Colt McCoy SE2ColtBelgian WBClaire De Lune (BWB)Irish Lemon (BWB)Rose SullivanJoe McKinleySE Farm762
Shee's Magic3FillyThoroughbredMonashee Mountain (TB)Light and Magic (TB)Sarah McCarthySarah McCarthySarah McCarthy83.31
Mighty Smart3ColtHanoverianMighty Magic (HOL)Ravenna (HAN)Ruth BleyMax GerdesRolf Trute75.71
Cor de Amore SE3ColtBelgian WBClaire de Lune (BWB)Piktortorial (HAN)Rose SullivanJoe McKinleySE Farm75.22
Knightley3ColtIDSHBridon Beale Street (ID)Milady Delia (TB)Logan FarrerCassie CherryConnie Arthur72.73
Desert Pearl3ColtIDSHBridon Beale Street (ID)Monique (LUS)Connie ArthurJoe McKinleySusan Lumen72.14
Mr. Harry Buckley3ColtHalflingerMidas Touch (HAF)V-Marlies Van'T Lievers (HAF)Kim FischmanJoe McKinleyWilliam Lehman60.65



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