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Tue, 2011-04-12 18:03

The Road To Rolex Part 3: Heather Gillette

Authored By: Heather Gillette

IMG_0708Part 1 | Part 2

So close but yet so far.

It is only 15 days before we ship down to Rolex. It is going to feel like forever and no time at all. Both at the same time. How can the same amount of time feel so different?

(Above left and below right: Heather Gillette and Our Questionnaire at The Fork where they scored a 36.7 for 17th place after dressage. Emily Daily/USEA Photos)

The good news is it is all systems go with Questie. He is fit and more than fresh after not running cross-country at The Fork this past weekend. You see, he had a quarrel with a wasp in his stall on Thursday morning. And the small flying menace won. Stung him right on the eye lid.

IMG_0700I was able to do dressage, and was so pleased with our test. I think the best we have ever done. The score didn't reflect that, but that is dressage, isn't it? But by the evening his eyelid was huge and burning hot. We gave him a small amount of anti-inflammatory but it was still huge and very painful on Saturday morning. Thank goodness he ran so well at Poplar Place because I clearly was not going to ask him to jump around cross-country with a huge shiner! It is hard enough with two eyes! I was able to gallop on the lovely hills and perfect footing Sunday, so all was not lost.

It is now back to New Jersey to get some 'home time' and to get organized for Rolex. Final vet, chiropractor, massage, farrier, and acupuncture appointments. Questie has a rough life, let me tell you. I hope to get a tune up as well, if there is time between his! What I really need is a hair appointment . . . my gray hair is taking over. (Stupid flying insect!).

I have to schedule a few dressage lessons. Fit them in around the necessary gallops we need to be ready to tackle the hills of Lexington. Jumps schools, cross-country schools . . . the list goes on. All in 15 days. Ahhh!

So much can go wrong in that amount of time, too. I am trying not to dwell on that fact. I am just going to be watchful over my horse, be prepared mentally for the tasks at hand, keep my stress level to a minimum, and keep breathing. My husband has a big job ahead of him in trying to keep me sane!

Until next time, Heather.


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