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Fri, 2011-06-10 18:20

The Road To Bromont CCI2*: Part 4

Authored By: Kristin Carpenter

IMG_0378Kristin’s Journey Part 1 | Part 2. Skyeler’s Journey Part 1. At Bromont Part 1

Kristin Carpenter and Skyeler Icke Voss

Yesterday was dressage day – and it was WONDERFUL!!!!!!

I (Kristin) tried some new warm up techniques, which actually involved less warming up and minimal movements, just really getting him to be calm and happy. He was the best ever in the ring. As a matter of fact, he was so calm that I forgot how to ride. I should have done things like put my leg on, but instead I sat a bit stunned and just smiled the whole test. He not only walked, but had a great extended walk and no jigging before the canter. We got a very respectable 65, with a solid test. Next time he is so well behaved I won’t freeze, and hopefully we can break into the 50s. For once Trance wasn’t for sale after dressage.

Skyeler was up against the same dilemma I have, in the sense that we have to win their minds to win the points. Tika stuck to the minimal warm up routine that worked for Trance, and she had the same effects! She was the most rideable she has ever been in the ring, with a slower rhythm and a more relaxed frame. Now that we have Tika’s mind, Skyeler will be able to go in next time and add more sparkle to the test. She got a great score of 53, putting her in the top ten with amazing company.

We were lucky enough to walk the course with Captain Mark Philips yesterday. Skye was nice and calm, all business, while I had mini-nervous breakdowns throughout the walk. I am attaching photos for your viewing pleasure. While many might not think these are big jumps, they will literally be the largest things I have ever (hopefully) jumped. Bromont’s course is always challenging because of the terrain, and the three-star drop they placed on the two star course (headdesk). It is a solid two-star course, and time will be a major factor. Derek doesn’t do dressage courses.

Thanks for all the support and we plan to ride smart and kick hard tomorrow! We will let you know how it goes, for better or worse, and the main thing is to come off safe and sound.

Kristin and Skye


This is a photo of our ditch and wall, which is actually quite inviting

Here is a shot of the corner at jump 5. It is out of a turn from a table, and is the thing Kristin is most nervous about. Mainly because it is jump 5. And because it is the size of a small house.

Here is a shot of the jump into the second water complex. Both are pretty big drops in, and this particular one is followed by a turn to a corner. Yay!)



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