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Fri, 2012-10-12 11:15

Pollard Eventing Launches Campaign For Trailer Safety Research

Authored By: Pollard Eventing

Pollard Eventing has launched a campaign to raise awareness for the safe transport of horses and to research improved safety measures for trailers. This initiative follows overwhelming response to the fatal traffic accident in May 2012 in which three international event horses were lost when Michael’s trailer turned over.

So many people offered to help so we have been considering the best way to utilize this support in a way that will benefit all horses as we continue down our Road to Recovery. It will also serve to honor the memory of Jude’s Law, Icarus and VDL Ulando H.
The campaign will focus on researching new measures to improve horse transportation, specifically for trailers being towed, and offer advice in the event of an accident. A bumper sticker will be used to raise awareness to motorists to drive with extra caution when they see a horse trailer in transit.
Pollard Eventing will accept donations for the fund that will be targeted exclusively for this campaign. Each donation will be sent a bumper sticker: Look Before You Turn: Horse on Board for their trailer.
Several lessons were learned from the accident by the staff that were present and in the ensuing aftermath. There are simple steps that can be taken and also more detailed research that Michael will be working on with his associates in Europe.
For more information about the campaign, please contact [email protected].

Pollard Eventing has also announced hat Jamco Trailers will be its Official Trailer of the Road to Recovery Campaign.


“It was always my intention since the accident to look into how we could make trailering safer for horses.  Two of my horses who suffered catastrophic injuries from the accident and had to be euthanized may have survived if we had a harness structure in place,” said Michael Pollard. I’m delighted to be partnering with Jamco because they clearly have the vision and commitment to develop the safest trailers with enhancements that could save lives.”


Jamco will offer discount coupons to customers who have been referred through the Road to Recovery Campaign worth $300 in upgrades. Additional customer incentives will also be offered by Horse First, the Jamco dealer and co-sponsor, that will benefit Pollard Eventing.


Dave Dalzell, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Jamco, said, “Michael’s ideas for Road to Recovery will revolutionize horse trailering, and we couldn’t be prouder to be his partner in this campaign. While we have always specifically overbuilt our trailers by 30% or more for both safety and durability, there is always room for innovation. We are already working on early concepts with Michael, to keep horses in their stalls in case of an accident, somewhat like what is already done for air transport. These would be products that can be added to any trailer, not just ours, so it can benefit all horses. Longer term, who knows? Maybe we’ll even develop air bags.”


Holly Davis, Principal of Advertising Agency Horsefly Creative, said, “Early last spring, as I was driving down the road at 70 miles an hour, I thought to myself: ‘Here I am, going quite fast, but I’m in a truck that has seat belts, engineered crumple zones, and air bags, that has been proven safe via crash testing. My horses have none of that in a trailer. That’s just not right.’  So I came up with the Crash Test Dummy Horse idea to market Jamco trailers, to make people stop and think, to really examine how different types of trailers are built, and the implied engineering strength and crash survivability. I also thought that the campaign might cause enough of a stir, that eventually Jamco could lead the way with third-party crash testing of horse trailer models, and the creation of new safety innovations and features. Tragically, Pollard Eventing’s accident happened soon after Traveller was introduced to the public, and long before these safety innovations could be brought to life.”



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