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Thu, 2010-09-30 17:08

PHOTO GALLERY: Alltech FEI WEG - Thursday AM Dressage

Authored By: USEA


The Germans took the top two positions this morning, with Simone Deitermann and Free Easy NRW leading the field with 36.0, with her fellow countryman Dirk Schrade in second with 42.5 aboard Gadget de la Cere. Many more incredible horses and riders are still yet to compete this afternoon and tomorrow, so we could expect to see the standings shuffle a bit as the competition continues. Josh Walker photos. Live Scores. Live Blog.

weg_10_tr_am_deitermann2-430 1st – Simone Deitermann (GER) & Free Easy NRW (36.0)weg_10_tr_am_schrade-268 2nd – Dirk Schrade (GER) & Gadget de la Cere (42.5)
weg_10_tr_am_tapner-174 3rd – Paul Tapner (AUS) & Inonothing (43.8)weg_10_tr_am_tapner2-176
weg_10_tr_am_paget-473 4th – Jonathan Paget (NZL) & Clifton Promise (44.0)weg_10_tr_am_algotsson-149 5th – Linda Algotsson (SWE) & Stand By Me (45.5)
weg_10_tr_am_todd2-311 6th – Mark Todd (NZL) & Grass Valley (48.5)weg_10_tr_am_todd-328
weg_10_tr_am_martin-237 7th – Boyd Martin (USA) & Neville Bardos (49.5)weg_10_tr_am_martin2-254
weg_10_tr_am_ohanlon-297 8th – Selena O’Hanlon (CAN) & Colombo (50.8)weg_10_tr_am_wilson-25 9th – Nicola Wilson (GBR) & Opposition Buzz (51.2)
weg_10_tr_am_carleback-462 10th – Viktoria Carlerback (SWE) & Bally’s Geronimo (51.8)weg_10_tr_am_leroy-205 11th – Pascal Leroy (FRA) & Minos de Petra (55.0)
weg_10_tr_am_rijckevorsel-103 12th – Constantin van Rijckevorsel (BEL) & Our Vintage (56.8)weg_10_tr_am_cappai-504 13th – Marco Cappai (ITA) & Dourango (58.5)
weg_10_tr_am_phoenix-375 14th – Jessica Phoenix (CAN) & Exponential (60.2)weg_10_tr_am_biasia-192 15th – Marco Biasia (ITA) & Gandalf The Grey (60.7)
weg_10_tr_am_atkins-357 16th – Peter Atkins (AUS) & Henry Jota Hampton (61.8)weg_10_tr_am_welsh-72 17th – Douglas Welsh (RSA) & Kings Courier (63.0)
weg_10_tr_am_carlton-116 18th – Guto de Faria (BRA) & Ritz Carlton (64.5)weg_10_tr_am_kyle-222 19th – Mark Kyle (IRE) & Step In Time (65.5)
weg_10_tr_am_sato-57 20th – Kenki Sato (JPN) & Hop And Skip (69.5)weg_10_tr_am_web-15 David O’Connor and Rocket were kind enough to provide us with the test ride this morning.



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