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Mon, 2012-05-07 10:11

Newly Approved USEF Officials

Authored By: USEA

The USEF has released the officials who were approved in 2011 and at the beginning of 2012. The USEA is delighted to see new officials joining the eventing community!

Samantha Allan'r'Eventing, Eventing TD
James Atkinson'r'Eventing CD
Carolyn Blakey'r'Eventing TD
Rick Caldwell'r'Eventing TD
Gammon Castellvi-Nuckols'r'Eventing, Eventing TD
Sarah Connell'r'Eventing CD
Katherine Cooper'r'Eventing TD
Jeri Fuller'r'Eventing TD
Joanne Gelarden'r'Eventing TD
Mary Grace'r'Eventing
Curtis Green'r'Eventing TD
Sheila Grymes'r'Eventing TD
Janet Gunn'r'Eventing TD
L. Michelle Henry'r'Eventing, Eventing TD
Lori Hoos'r'Eventing TD
Amanda Miller Atkins'r'Eventing
Jose Jesus Nava'R'Eventing JCD
Sara Smallwood'r'Eventing, Eventing TD
Kyle Smith'r'Eventing TD
Todd Trewin'r'Eventing CD
Valerie Vizcarrondo'r'Eventing
Kathleen White'R'Eventing JCD



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