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Wed, 2008-05-14 16:02

Jersey Fresh CCI3* - XC Photos (1st Half)

Authored By: USEA
Allison Springer of Marshall, VA aboard Destination Know, a 16.3h, 10yo TB gelding - looking confident over the skinny brush to the water!
"Burger" says "Ehhh....water! In my eyes!" But like a good boy, he jumps awesome anyway.
Big leap over the Lighthouse. These guys had a great round, finishing just over the time allowed (something like 10:20 or so?).
The winners! Amy Tryon of Duvall, WA & Leyland, a 16.1h, 8yo TB gelding over the HUGE ditch and wall. These type of fences scare the poop out of me, but really no one had any trouble here.
Leyland's actually jumping a ditch here...not just frolicking gleefully across the countryside :)
Now he's frolicking! These guys were closest to optimum time, adding only 1.6 time faults to their dressage score of 52.4, bumping them up from 9th to 1st.
Ashley Adams of Southern Pines, NJ & Vaunted, a 16.1h, 10yo TB gelding. This horse is so neat... very typey.
This one's fun because he's all "YEE-HA!" He has substantiated reason to celebrate - they went around fast & jumped clear, adding only a handful of time faults, bumping them up from 16th - 6th
Neat crowd shot as Barbara Crabo of Scottsdale, AZ & Eveready a 15.2h, 9yo Swedish Warmblood gelding jump into view.
Isn't he adorable?? What a great face!
Barbara & Eveready jumped around clear, but were very careful and took their time, coming home with hefty time faults. Good for you, Barbara!
Here's the 2nd place finishers Buck Davidson of Pottersville, NJ & Cassandra Segal's Ballynoecastle RM, a 16h, 8yo Irish TB gelding. They jumped from 12th to 4th after only a sliver of time faults.
Here's Chelan Kozak of Abbotsford, BC aboard Tasman Sea, a 16.1h 11yo New Zealand TB gelding
Chelan had to have been pleased with Tasman's clear jumping round!
Here's Debbie Rosen of Calabasas, CA & The Alchemyst, a 9yo, 16.2h Canadian Sporthorse gelding (this jump was can't tell but it was incredibly wide and square...the horses jumped it super!)
Lookin' good over the big wide table!
Debbie & her red-head boy had a wonderful round - clean & tidy in jumping, and didn't seem to mind they were a bit over the time!
Diana Burnett of Blackstock, ONT & Manny, a 16.2 8yo TB-cross, owned by John & Nadia Lennox.
These guys had a great, clear jumping round. (Isn't the reflection in the water neat?) Love Diana's style..very soft & efficient.
One of my favorite West Coasters - Hawley Bennett (originally of Langley, BC) but trains out of Temecula, CA. Here she is on John & Pam Hudson's 16h, 12yo Splendorofthesun. (Pam & John are incredibly nice & dedicated owners, by the way, flying out to watch Sunny compete).
These guys had a clear jumping round to move them up from 24th to 10th.
Another cool action shot - just because!
Fifty-eight-year-old Jane Sleeper of E. Fallowfield, PA & New Moon, a 17h, 10yo Irish gelding.
These guys had a commendable round, jumping up from 26th to 15th after some time penalties.
Jessica Phoenix of Uxbridge, ONT and Exploring, a 16h TB gelding had a wonderful trip - moving from 23rd to 8th!
David O'Connor said they had one of the best rides of the day - how's that for a compliment! Those Canadians are lookin' better and better...
Jolie Sexson of Martinez, CA & Killian O'Connor, a 17h, 9yo Selle Francais/TB gelding
I like her face in this one... hehe. They had a great round - clear jumping, and only a few time faults.

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