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Thu, 2012-06-21 16:50

On the Bookshelf: Training Tree for Riders

Authored By: Gaelyn Foster

Whether you are a pony club member barely past your second lesson, an equestrian competitor who places at every show, or a riding instructor looking for new lesson ideas, Amanda J. Berges’s book, Training Tree for Riders, is a great addition to any equestrian’s library. Basing her lessons around the “training tree,” Berges utilizes six levels of riding skill to work towards improvement. 

According to Berges, relaxation, balance, rhythm, fitness, suppleness, feel, and influence are basic levels that the rider must achieve for him or herself for and important to every riding discipline.  These are the levels of Berges’ training tree.  To reach each of these levels, Berges introduces an array of exercises, both on horseback and on the ground.  The exercises come with explanations, descriptions, and images, making them helpful and easy to follow.  Every exercise works on strength, balance, and connection with your horse in order to climb to the top of the training tree. 

Training Tree for Riders is an ideal book for new riders who are looking for answers.  It contains information about many basic riding questions concerning equipment, fitness, exercises, prerequisites, coaching, and skill set.  This is a trust worthy go-to for all different riding questions. 

For a helpful training book that hits the fundamentals and sticks to a plan, check out Training Tree for Riders by Amanda J. Berges.  The multitude of exercises and information contains something helpful for every rider of every discipline.  

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