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Mon, 2012-07-16 22:04

Adequan/FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships Eventing Teams

Authored By: USEA

The start of the 2012 Adequan/FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships is only a few days away and 14 to 21-year-olds are already starting to converge upon the Kentucky Horse Park in preperation for this years competition. Riders from every USEA Area will be represented in this year's eventing competition with nine CH-J* teams (seven U.S. and two Canadian) and four CH-Y** teams (three U.S. and one Canadian). 

The U.S. teams competing this year are as follows:


Area I (Team of 4 and 2 individuals)

Jennifer Lyford/Grey Expectations
Janelle Phaneuf/Irish Ike
Hannah Forte/Brisco Bay
Shannon Quigley/Don't Be Alarmed
Emily Mainolfi/Tacaro
Coleen Shaughnessy/Wynthrop

Area II (Team of 4 and 2 individuals)

Caroline Quanbeck/Sambuca
Erin Nolan/Balmoral Avenue
Morgan Booth/Cameron Creek
Savannah Fulton/Ringfort Tinkatoo
Andi Lawrence/Armani IV
Hannah Krueger/Pinney North

Area III

Mary Hunt/Nuance
Alden Leavitt/Castlefarm Snooze Cruise
Nicole Doolittle/Utopia III
Matilda Segal/Guiness X

Areas IV & VIII

Elizabeth Foos/Penfold Park (IV)
Rebecca Gall/Can Ya Dig It (IV)
Margaux Lander/Lily Langtry (VIII)
Mackenzie Spaes/Ripple Effect (VIII)

Area V (Team of 4 and 2 Individuals)

Taylor Wood/On Eagle's Wings
Alyssa Phillips/Exploring
Victoria New/Fleeceworks Mystere Du Val
Diana Heinrich/Weja Annabridget
Ann O'Neal Pevahouse/Don Bosco
Brindley House/Might Be Regal

Areas VI & VII

Gigi Herron/Beacon Hill (VI)
Erin Murphy/Myster E (VI)
Jordyn Horwitz/Nicodemus (VI)
Maria Schatz/Joe (VII)

Areas IX & X

Savanna Hilles/Enchanted (IX)
Jacqueline Larouche/The Gingerbread Man (IX)
Claire Parker/Hope Cove (X)


Areas II, III, & IV

Connor Husain/Piece of Hope (II)
Molly Curtiss/Savannah IX (II)
Jamie Doolittle/A Dream Come True (III)
Lexi Scovil/Sky Show (IV)

Area V

Mary Cargile/Take the Mick
Emma Fisher/Carlingford's Forever
Alexandra Ehlers/In Any Event
Jacob Fletcher/The Prof
Avery Klunick/In It To Win It

Areas VI, VII, & IX

Sarah Braun/Perfect Intentions (VI)
Teresa Harcourt/Bonza Twist of Fate (VI)
Lizzie Snow/Coal Creek (VII)
Kendyl Tracy/Ever So Lucky (IX)

The USEA will be on site to bring you coverage of all of the eventing competition so stay tuned to the website!


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