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Providing for the safety of both horse and rider in the sport of Eventing is one of the primary goals of the USEA, and education is a vital tool to achieve that goal. The purpose of this site is to keep our members apprised of the very latest developments in safety.

For years, the USEA has taken the lead when it comes to providing education about all the aspects of riding and competing safely in Eventing. Since 1999, the USEA Instructor’s Certification Program has certified a total of 251 instructors across the United States and five in Mexico, all of whom have been trained to teach safe riding techniques. Our rigorous education programs for officials are ensuring that organizers have a list of the very best judges, technical delegates, and course designers from which to choose to officiate at their events. The USEA, in collaboration with the USEF Eventing Technical Committee, has proposed many of the safety rules now in place at competitions such as:

·         The wearing of the highest standards in helmets and safety vests

·         A dedicated position of Safety Coordinator with no other duties other than monitoring the safety of competitors

·         Specific qualifications for progressing up the levels of competition

·         Loss of establishment of those qualifications necessitating dropping down a level in order to re-qualify

·         Dangerous riding penalties

In addition, the USEA has and continues to financially support such safety and horse welfare studies as:

·         The Equine Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Study

·         The development and testing of new frangible technologies

·         The GPS Speed and Motion Study

We hope the resources you find on this page will be of help in determining the best possible equipment to ensure you and your horse competes safely in the sport of Eventing.

Dr. David Halstead conducted an educational presentation about helmets and head injuries during "The Latest in Eventing Safety" session at the 2011 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Latest News

January 8, 2013
Before a helmet can even begin to head to the first step of production, Charles Owen has to decide what kind of helmet needs to be made. Charles Owen offers a wide variety of helmets that suits the needs of every equestrian. The designers pay close attention to trends in both equestrian and mainline fashion as well as safety and technological innovations before coming up with hundreds of designs, which are then whittled down to a few products that are worthy of the Charles Owen brand.  Each helmet released is a direct result of what riders need and want.
December 18, 2012
The FEI has launched a global campaign to promote the use of protective headgear. The move comes two weeks before implementation of a new rule making the use of a properly fastened protective headgear mandatory while riding on the show grounds at FEI events. The campaign, which will be conducted mainly online, begins today, a fortnight before the new rule comes into effect on 1 January 2013.
November 2, 2012
The FEI joined the IOC as one of five co-sponsors of the Fourth International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport in Zurich (SUI) this week. The two-day conference, which was held at the FIFA headquarters on 1 and 2 November, was also sponsored by FIFA, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and the International Rugby Board (IRB).IOC President Jacques Rogge welcomed delegates to the conference via a video message, before the official opening by FIFA Executive Committee member Michel D’Hooghe and IRB Chairman Bernard Lapasset.


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