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Be Prepared:It is easy to panic when an emergency arises.  If you are prepared, you can help your horse as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Make sure that you have your veterinarian’s information (name, phone number, emergency number) easily accessible on your horse’s stall, with you, and with your barn manager/farm owner.  You may also want to consider assembling a first-aid kit. What IS an emergency?
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Dear Fellow Pony Club Alumni,
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Artist Paul Daniel Gold of Triple Crown Studio will donate 30% of the proceeds of any new sale to CANTER when you mention reading his interview on the Little Kentucky Farm website.
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In 2011, Major Kelly Dobert won the Area II Beginner Novice Championship as well as the USEA Beginner Novice Adult Rider and Beginner Novice Adult Amateur Rider year-end awards. She was nominated as a USEA Owner of the Month, and a portion of her interview was published in the November/December issue of Eventing USA. We could not fit all of her great stories in the magazine, so her interview in its entirety is available below. Enjoy!1. How did you begin riding and eventing?  How did you find your horse, Austin Miller?
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The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses have released the sire rankings for 2011. In late autumn each year, the WBFSH sire rankings are produced in cooperation with the FEI. Based on the results of their offspring, each stallion is ranked in the WBFSH Stallion Rankings.
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Can OTTBs become good pony club mounts? The story of the little mare that could do just that.
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Francis Whittington Two Day Clinic: January 18th & 19th : Show-Jumping and Cross-Country.Small groups. All levels. $300.
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Hi Everyone! 
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