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Back in May of 2006, I was in the middle of a horse hunt. I had outgrown my old pony, and I was staying up all hours of the night, searching those endless ads of the “perfect horse for you!” The only problem with all those ads was my budget: zero.
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By Evalyn Bemis, reprinted (re-posted??) courtesy of Horse Connection magazine
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Dual sportswoman Liz Halliday has laid out her plans for her return to three-day eventing at the start of this season.
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USEA member Alison in Area VII (thanks for the report Alison!) was generous enough to share her take on what she experienced last Saturday evening, a small segment of the weekend-long clinic with Leslie Law.
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By Zeb Fry of Little Kentucky Farm in Ball Ground, Georgia.
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USEA sponsor John Nunn of Bit of Britain Saddlery and Nunn Finer has generously provided eventers with an incredible deal… free cross-country course walks at events all across the country with four-star level riders. Did you catch that? Free course walks with Olympians…at YOUR event! These guys will take the time to walk the courses with groups of competitors, giving tips on safety, discussing different routes and options as well as course design and construction.
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Well, you can start by organizing the “horsey” aspects, by keeping track of all things equine-related on
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I stumbled across a fabulous array of articles written by Faith & Ronald Meredith of the Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre in Waverly, WV, a nationally accredited equestrian career college dedicated exclusive
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Voila! Behold...the most addicting horse game ever.Warning: If you're at work (not like anyone ever plays computer games at work or anything....*cough*) then turn down the music or you'll barrage the whole office with the opening banjo music! Enjoy :)Horse Jumping GameP.S. It's pretty amazing that the little horse can jump from a half-stride perfectly each time... this is NOT helping my problem with seeing distances at all! ~Emily
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“Om….Om….” I chant aloud. Slowly and methodically I recite ancient Sanskrit chants and invocations in the warm-up arena. My fellow competitors turn and look wildly around to see what that foreign noise is.
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