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The ongoing debate on equine intelligence has been around for a very long time. Horses have been viewed through the lenses of the culture that examines them, from the time of Xenophon. In our modern world, we attempt to define equine intelligence through scientific processes.  Using this method of discovery, we are less likely to make errors in judgment about what horses can and cannot do when responding to the environment around them. In other words, horses will always act like horses and it is our job as humans to understand them from that perspective.
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At 2pm on Saturday, February 25 at the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo in Harrisburg, three professional trainers will appear with fresh off-the-track Thoroughbreds that they met for the first time in January at the Maryland Horse World Expo.
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Daniel Stewart has been one of the favorite speakers at the USEA Annual Meeting and Conventions. A recap of his presentation at the 2011 Convention on Equestrian Sports Psychology will be appearing in the January/February issue of Eventing USA and a monthly blog post from Daniel Stewart will be featured on the USEA site. Interested in learning more from Daniel Stewart? Be sure an sign up for his monthly newsletter on the bottom of his website.
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If Raja, Story of a Racehorse had been written when I was 11-years-old I would have worn the cover off from reading and re-reading it. Thirteen years later I still read the 250 page book in one sitting as I just had to know what was going to happen to Raja next.
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The Retired Racehorse Trainers have now had their horses for about two weeks and their first few blog posts are rolling in on the Retired Racehorse Training Project Website. The trainers, Kerry Blackmer of Middleburg, Va., Eric Dierks of Tryon, N.C., and Tiffany Catledge of Adamstown, Md, selected their horses at the Maryland Horse Expo on January 20 and then were able to bring them home to their farms for their month of training. Check out a few of the blogs below.
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Clayton Fredericks will be teaching a two day clinic at Galway Downs in Temecula, CA on February 11 and 12, 2012. The first day will include stadium jumping and gymnastic work, while the second will focus on cross-country skills over the Ian Stark designed course. Clayton will also be offering private dressage lessons on Friday the 10th. This clinic is being organized and offered by the Area VI Adult Riders, with significant support from Robert Kellerhouse, Del Mar Eventing and the Southern California Equestrian Center.
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I have a confession to make: I am addicted to taking lessons. I know, I know I need to be a more independent rider who can think for herself, solve her own problems, and my trainer isn’t always going to be there. But I just love taking lessons. During a lesson I actually feel like I am accomplishing something and improving both myself and my horse whereas when I ride alone (especially doing flatwork) I feel like my horse and I are regressing and the ride often ends up in fits of frustration for both human and equine. Oh and another thing – I think lessons are just so much fun.
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One of best ways to know that Rolex is just around the corner is when the first installments of the Rolex Kentucky Featured Riders are posted on www.rk3de.org. This year the three riders who will be blogging their journeys to Rolex are James Alliston (GBR), Jan Byyny, and Doug Payne. Be sure an keep an eye on the Rolex Website as each of the four parts are posted!
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Blast from the past – this article originally appeared on the USEA blog in January 2008. We dug it out of the archives to re-inspire our readers!
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Bit of Britain has started a series of product videos featuring riders such as Sharon White and Jennie Brannigan.
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