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course design

The USEA has established a Course Designers’ Educational Grant/Mentoring program to fund the education and development of new U.S. course designers.There is an urgent need for new Course Designers with the riding experience necessary to understand the demands of the sport at the highest levels. By investing in the education and training of these future course designers, we will ensure the U.S. remains a major force in all aspects of international eventing and will always have pool of highly qualified course designers available to our organizers.
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Event organizers are reminded of the following rule regarding the size of cups to be used on show jumping courses: EV 149.4. Poles and other parts of the obstacles are held up by supports (cups). The pole must be able to roll on its support; in this case the support for the top poles should have an ideal depth of 25 mm (1”), in any case the minimum depth is to be 20 mm (¾”) or a maximum depth of 30mm (1 ¼”). For planks, balustrades, barriers, gates, etc. the supports must be more open or even flat, with a maximum depth of 13 mm (½“).
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