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This educational article is brought to you by Standlee Hay Company, the Official Forage of the USEA. After just a mile of riding, your horse creates enough warmth to boil 2 whole gallons of water. While a horse’s body can usually regulate their temperature, the hot summer months make this more difficult. High temperatures, high humidity, lack of air movement, poor ventilation, and dehydration all increase the dangers of a serious heat-related problem known as heat stress.
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This educational article is brought to you by Standlee Hay Company, the Official Forage of the USEA. 
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Imagine living in a field of grilled cheese sandwiches and milkshakes. That's literally what the summer months are like for your horse. It's easy to forget how much pasture grass can play a role in your horse's diet until the snow starts to fall. As winter sets in and the pasture grass starts to disappear, there's 3 key factors that will play a role in our horse's health: water, fiber, and essential nutrients.Water
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