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Daniel Stewart

Learning to cope with mistakes, losses, slumps and missed opportunities is a common struggle for many riders. When they occur we must believe that we can handle them - and perhaps even more importantly - improve as a result.
Original Post Date: 03/31/2014 - 10:46   |   Last Updated: Mon, 2014-03-31 11:07

Tip of the Month Goal Setting... Going for the GOALRiding is a very goal oriented sport, from learning to jump, training a young horse or moving up through the levels, it's an important part of everything we do. Goals help us use our training time efficiently, focus on what's important, find winning strategies, provide feedback and motivate us.  
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Tip of the Month Power Posture for Peak Performance While practice may not always make us perfect, we can all agree that it's probably worth the effort. The good news is that - in the hectic lives of riders - not all practice needs to be physical. In fact, while nothing can replace hard work and dedication in the arena, research has shown that a little mental rehearsal can have a big impact on our riding!  
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Power Posture for Peak Performance While some mental training tools require a bit of time and effort (like goal-setting), this month's tip, Power Postures, can take you from a worrier to a warrior in no time at all... and with very little effort!  
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Tip of the Month Memory - Get it together and Keep it togetherOur brain can store up to 100 trillion bits of information, so how is it that we can still manage to forget our dressage test, jump course, or trainer's instructions from five minutes ago!  
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You may be familiar with the term comfort zone, but did you know that your greatest learning opportunities actually lie beyond it? To learn more, read the latest tip from equestrian sports psychologist Daniel Stewart.
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Question of the MonthJulia asks, "I receive lots of compliments on my riding but have a hard time believing them. I rode in one of your clinics recently and you talked about self-image. I think mine could use a make-over. Is there anything I can do to feel better about myself and my riding?"  
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Question of the Month   Karen asks, "I recently moved up a level and the added pressure is making it hard for me to stay positive. I feel as if there's a cranky black cloud hanging over my head much of the time now.  Is there anything I do to enjoy myself again?"  
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Question of the MonthHeather asks "I stay focused in my lessons, but when I show I think about a million different things and completely lose my concentration. Why can't I focus when it counts?"
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Question of the Month Pamela asks "How can a rider prepare for a competition when they feel a lot of pressure to succeed - in part based on past failures?" Memories of past experiences can make us want to get-up or give-up. It's up to each of us to decide how we're going to interpret these memories - especially if they're associated with a poor or frustrating past performance or outcome. While it's understandable to feel a little disappointment from time to time, allowing a negative past memory to interfere with our future potential is something we must all work hard to prevent.
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