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Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event (Apr 2017) Omnibus Listing

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USEA Event ID: 16457
Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event | Lexington, KY (AREA VIII)

Event Date: Apr 26-30, 2017

Open Date: Feb 28 Close Date: Mar 28
FEI Open Date: Feb 28 FEI Close Date: Mar 28


Address: Kentucky Horse Park, 4089 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY [North of Lexington]
From I-75: Exit 120. Other Highways: Watch for 'Kentucky Horse Park' signs. Enter at Main Gate of Park; take the second right off the roundabout onto Cigar Lane, drive directly to Stable Office located on Nina Bonnie Blvd.


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:CCI4

Tentative Schedule:
Monday and Tuesday: Horses may arrive 8 am to 6 pm. Earlier or later arrivals MUST be cleared with Director of Competition. Horses MUST arrive by 8 am Wednesday.
Competitor Briefing - 10 am; Cross-Country Test Course Walk follows briefing; Luncheon follows; First Horse Inspection - 3 pm; Sponsor & Competitor Welcome Reception - 7 pm.
Dressage - 9 am.
Dressage - 9 am.
Cross-Country Test - 11 am.
 Second Horse Inspection - 8:30 am; Jumping Test - 1 pm.
Starting Times:
Provisional times available April 21 at and on RK3DE App. Definite times available April 26, at EEI Info Booths, Stable Office and, one hour after completion of Horse Inspection.
Event Officials
TD: Tom Ryckewaert, (BEL) Asst. TD: Andrew Bowles  (NZL) & Tim Murray (USA)
Ground Jury: Pres: Christina Klingspor (SWE), Nick Burton (GBR), David Lee (IRE)
CD: X-C: Derek di Grazia (USA) SJ: Richard Jeffery (GBR)
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Equestrian Events, Inc. (EEI)
Vanessa Coleman
P.O. Box 12110
Lexington, KY 40580-2110
O: (859) 233-2362 F: (859) 254-5116
Email: [email protected]

Draw checks to Equestrian Events, Inc. (US Funds Only)

Org: Equestrian Events, Inc., Vanessa Coleman, Director of Competition (same as above).

Event Fees Directory: Draw checks to Equestrian Events, Inc. (US Funds Only).
Entry: U.S. $100.
Stabling: $175/stall; Non-Compete Stall: $175 stall; Tack stall: $175/stall.
Entries: Only complete entries with full payment will be accepted regardless of nationality. A total of 90 horses will be accepted to include any horses specifically nominated by the USEF Selection Committee. In the case of over-subscription, the following process will be used:
1. Riders will be limited to 2 (two) horses. If there is still an over-subscription then
2. The Riders with the most points on the FEI World Eventing Athlete Rankings list as of March 28 (closing date) will be accepted.
All other qualified entries will be placed on the wait list. Those on the wait list will be accepted in order as and when there are withdrawals. The wait list will expire on April 23rd at 4 p.m.

FEI Entry System: 
In addition to sending your entry to EEI, please also enter through the FEI Entry System or your entry cannot be accepted.  The link is: 

Limit on horses:
Competitors may enter any number of qualified horses but only ride at the most three (3) horses and must declare them in order of preference by March 28 (closing date). In case of excessive entries, the OC will reduce the number of horses per rider to two (2) as noted above. "Double Entries" are permitted.  

Before C.D.-In full; After C.D.-Entry less $25 fee/Stabling-In full. NOTE: NO REFUNDS IF RIDER HAS NOT ADVISED EEI OFFICE OF SCRATCH BY EMAIL BY 4 pm, APRIL 23. Competition cancellation-Full. Neg. Coggins required for all horses within 12 months. (Copy MUST accompany Entry & Horse).

Travel Reimbursement:
 $550 Payable to the RIDER of every horse that starts Cross-Country.  

USEA Starter Fee Refund Policy:
The USEA Starter fee ($21), is not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not present at the first horse inspection.

CERTIFICATE OF VETERINARY INSPECTION: (CVI, formerly termed Health Certificate: WITHIN 30 DAYS MUST ACCOMPANY EACH HORSE. HORSES MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY VALID FEI PASSPORT. HORSES MUST BE ON GROUNDS BY 8 AM, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26. *KY regulations require that CVI include 'all tests that have been conducted as well as all vaccinations including vaccination date and type of vaccine used.' For competition horses or horses accompanying competition horses that have an FEI Passport, reference the passport number on the CVI. This will provide the required vaccination information.
Competitor Information
Total prize money of $400,000.  Ribbons & prize money per every 4 starters or through 20th place, whichever is greater. Prize money paid by check to OWNER OF HORSE AS LISTED ON PASSPORT; mailed to owner after tax information is provided to EEI. NOTE: OWNER LISTED ON ENTRY MUST BE THE SAME AS OWNER LISTED IN FEI PASSPORT.  

Dubarry of Ireland Nations Team Challenge to award ribbons and prize money to the 1st-3rd (if 3 teams) OR 1st-4th (if 4 or more teams). Prize money paid by check to OWNER OF HORSE AS LISTED ON PASSPORT; mailed to owner after tax information is provided to EEI. NOTE: OWNER LISTED ON ENTRY MUST BE THE SAME AS OWNER LISTED IN FEI PASSPORT. Total prize money of $20,000. 

Rolex Trophy - Winner.
Coman Trophy - Breeder of Winning Horse.
USET Foundation Pinnacle Cup - Highest placed U.S. Rider.
Carimati Cup - Highest placed Foreign Rider.
Bank One Trophy - Highest placed Rider/Owner.
Reeves Trophy - Highest placed Young Rider.
Zeppa International Trophy - Best Turned-Out Pair at Both Horse Inspections.
Best Conditioned Horse Trophy.
Prizes to 2nd & 3rd place.
Completion mementos to all who complete the competition.
$175/stall (competing/non-competing horse or tack), from noon Monday 4/24 to noon Monday 5/1. 450 permanent 10' x 10' stalls on grounds. Stall doors/initial bedding only (2 bales straw or shavings and MATS) provided for competition horses only. Indicate preference of shavings or straw on Stabling form. Feed/Hay/Bedding/Mats available for purchase at Please note: the date & approximate time of arrival MUST be indicated on stabling form. Please contact the Director of Competition if you need to arrive prior to Monday, April 24. 

Non-Compete Horses:  Will NOT be stabled within the FEI Stabling enclosure.  Please list all non-compete horses on stabling form.  

A. Kent Allen, DVM, on grounds. # will be posted at Stable Office. PLEASE NOTE: Horses stabled in fenced enclosure with 24-hour security and restricted access. All horses MUST be examined BEFORE entering stables (Examination Upon Arrival - FEI Rules). No horses may enter stabling enclosure without prior exam. Arrivals after 6 pm or before 8 am, or any horses without proper papers, will be stabled in holding stalls, provided by management, until examined and approved. FEI rules allow only the following persons connected with the horse access to Competition Stables: Rider; a maximum of two (2) Owners at any one time; Trainer (as listed on Entry); One (1) Groom/horse; Veterinarian accompanying competitor. Only Official Event Farrier allowed in Competition Stables. Photo ID issued by Competition Organizer required for access to Competition Stables at all times. Sampling Procedure for Prohibited Substances (FEI Vet Regs, Ch. V & VI and Annex IV) Regular sampling is carried out in CCI 4/3*, CCIOs, World Cup Qualifiers and Finals, Championships and Games, whereas at other CCIs sampling is recommended. When testing takes place, the number of horses tested is at the discretion of the Testing Veterinarian/Veterinary Delegate; however, a minimum of three is recommended (FEI Vet Regs Art. 1016).

If you are even remotely considering entering, RESERVATIONS SHOULD BE MADE IMMEDIATELY. Go to website,, and click on Visitor's Guide. Camping: Kentucky Horse Park (KHP) campground now accepts reservations and you are urged to MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS EARLY; Please call (888) 459-7275 or reserve online at EEI has reserved a limited number of KHP campsites for competitors on a first-come, first-served (requested) basis.  Please contact Vanessa Coleman at [email protected] for availability.

Test & arena size: CCI4*: 2017 FEI Four-Star Test A - Std. Arena: All weather GGT.

6500 m (approx.) @ 570 mpm. Course: Championship course. Terrain: Rolling bluegrass.

Other Information:
OWNERS cannot be guaranteed benefits or recognition unless they are listed on the FEI Passport by NO LATER than MARCH 28, 2017.  Please provide an email address for every owner in order for them to receive information on an Owner's Packet.  

Dubarry of Ireland Nations Team Challenge: Format to be finalized prior to Opening Date, February 28, 2017.  Contact Vanessa Coleman at [email protected] for complete details.

Course Closing: Cross-country course closed at all times. NO advanced cross-country obstacles at the Kentucky Horse Park may be schooled without permission of Equestrian Events, Inc.

Limit on Horses: Competitors may ride at the most three (3) horses. Consideration may be given for four (4), but request must be made in writing with reasons.  If over-subscribed, no more than 3 horses may be ridden by any one competitor and could be limited to 2.  See details in Entries section above.

Schedule of the Competition: For important information, ALL potential entrants should read the Schedule prior to sending entry, Schedule can be found at, on the RK3DE App, or requested from the Director of Competition.

Dogs: MUST be leashed or they will be immediately impounded by an Animal Control Officer. Dogs are not permitted in hospitality tents, stadium or grandstands.

Admission Tickets and Parking:  Details on tickets and parking for riders, owners and grooms will be emailed once entry is processed.  

Food/Entertainment: Food available on grounds. Complimentary Competitors/Owners/Grooms' Luncheon, Wednesday, April 26; Sponsor & Competitor Welcome Reception, Wednesday, April 26. Lunch Tickets provided to Grooms (one per horse) for the period Wednesday, April 26 through Sunday, April 30.

Young Riders: YRs MUST state complete birth date (mm/dd/yy) to qualify for the highest placing Young Rider Trophy.

Foreign Competitors: All foreign entries must be made by their national federation (NF). Entries made on the USEA CCI Entry Form will be provisionally accepted, dependent upon receipt in the Equestrian Events, Inc. Office by 4 pm, March 28, of the formal entry from your NF.

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