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Plantation Field H T (Sep 2012) Omnibus Listing

Change Made 08/17/2012
Comment: Dressage Test Change: Preliminary will ride Preliminary Test C - Standard Arena.
CIC Horses not required to stable on grounds - CIC Entry $360.00.
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USEA Event ID: 15101
Plantation Field H T | Unionville, PA (AREA II)

Event Date: Sep 20-23, 2012

Open Date: Aug 07 Close Date: Sep 04


Mapquest & GPS Directions: 450 Apple Grove Rd., Coatesville, PA 19320, Chester County, U.S.
From south: 95N to exit 100, N to Rte. 1, N to Rte. 82 Unionville/Kennett Square exit. Left at ramp, approx. 6 miles through Unionville. No trucks, trailers, or big rigs on Green Valley Rd. or Tapeworm Rd please. Go past Plantation Field 1 1/2 miles to R/Apple Grove Rd. to Competitors and Stabling entrance.
From North 95: south to 322, west to Rte. 1 south to Rte. 82 N to right off ramp 6 mi. through Unionville. No trucks, trailers, or big rigs on Green Valley Rd. or Tapeworm Rd please. Go past Plantation Field 1 1/2 miles to R/Apple Grove Rd. Follow signs to Competitor Entrance and Stabling.


USEF/USEA Recognized: CIC3,CIC2,CIC1,A,I,P

Tentative Schedule:
Wed: Barns Opens-1:00-5:00 pm; In-Barns for CIC horses (Other times must be pre-arranged.) Cross-country courses open-3 pm.
Thurs:  1:00 -CIC2*/Adv. Dressage.
Friday: 8:00-CIC Dressage all day; 8:00-Dressage National Division all day. National Divisions Show Jumping.
Sat: Cross Country
Sun: CIC Show Jumping
Starting Times:

Available Wednesday, September 19 from sec'y, (610) 347-2024, 5-9 pm or internet:

Event Officials
CIC3* Divisions - PGJ: Christian Landolt, SUI; Members: Janis Lindan, USA, Jane Hamlin, USA
CIC2*/1*: PGJ: Jane Hamlin, USA; Member: Janis Linnan, USA  
FEI Steward:
Eileen Pritchard Bryan, USA, FEI Vet: Peter Blauner, USA
National Divisions - PGJ:
Robert Stevenson NC; Dressage: Elsie Kellerman, PA; Stadium: Seema Sonad PA
CIC - Alex Lahore, GBR; Asst. CIC/National: Tom Ordway, ID
CD: XC: CIC3* Tremaine Cooper, USA; CIC2*/1*/ National: Denis Glaccum, PA
SJ: Marc Donovan, NC
Entry Information

Send Entries to:

Bambi Glaccum, Secretary
PO Box 82, 1420 Doe Run Rd.
Unionville, PA 19375
(610) 347-2024 tel/fax; (610) 347-1001 tel/fax
During event (610) 347-2024; Cell (610) 316-0450
Email: [email protected]

All communications via email - must provide legible valid email address. All entries my be typed. No handwritten entries.
Enter online at, pay with credit card or check. Immediately mail checks, signature page (download from and Coggins to address above. Entries are not accepted until payment is made. If using FedEx or Overnight Mail waive signature requirements.


Org: Plantation Field Equestrian Events, Inc., c/o: Denis Glaccum (same as above).

Event Fees Directory - see individual section for details. Draw checks to PHEE, Inc. Foreign/Can. add $5.00 to each entry fee, (US dollars).
Entry: CIC3*: $360.00; CIC2*: $360.00; CIC*: $360.00; A: $300.00 ($50 of entry put into prize money); I: $275.00;
P: $250.00
Stabling: $140.00

All entries include a $25 non-refundable office fee. If not noted on entry, rider will be put into open division. Double entries: Not accepted. Valid email addresses required on each entry blank. All communication will be done by email. All entry blanks must be typed. Refunds: Withdrawals who entered between OD and Friday August 10th office fee is waived. After 8/10 to CD.-Less $25 non-refundable office fee, notify sec'y by written confirmation only with fax, email, or letter ONLY; After C.D.-Entry/stable-No refund. Competition cancellation-No refund. $25 change fee after CD. No changes to entry after Sunday, Sept. 16. $50 charge may be attached to all entries missing signature page, coggins or other incomplete information if not received by Sunday night, Sept. 16. Neg. Coggins required within 12 months. Not notifying sec'y of intent not to compete will incur $25 fee. This applies also to no shows. CIC horses must be registered with USEF, FEI, & have current health certificate. CIC3* must have FEI Passport; CIC2* & CIC1* U.S horses must have at least a National Passport. Foreigh horses must have FEI Passports.  CIC competitors must use the 2012 USEA CCI/CIC Entry Form. All stabled horses must have health certificate with proof of inoculations. WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO STABLE IF MISSING ON ARRIVAL.
If space allows and post entries accepted a $25 late fee will be charged. All incomplete entries as of Monday September 17th will be charged a late fee of $50.00. Using adjustable plastic pinnies holders - $20 available from Secretary.

Competitor Information

Trophy & 10 ribbons per division. CIC3*- $8,000; CIC2*/1*- $1,000. Advanced- $3,000 if 40 starters cross-country; Plantation Futurity (P horses 7 yrs & younger first yr. of prelim. competition).


Limited. $140/stall from Thursday am through Monday noon. Further info from Denis Glaccum. $25 fee if stall is left dirty. Hay/feed/bedding available for purchase. Veterinarian: Unionville Equine Center, 610-932-6800 will be posted at stables and telephone.

The Hilton Garden Inn (official hotel for the horse trials-discount room rate if booked by Sept. 1), (610) 444-9100 or book online at  Fair Field Inn, Rt 1, Kennett Square, (610) 444-8995. Best Western, Rts. 1 & 322, Chadds Ford, (610) 358-9400. Mendenhall Inn Hotel & Conference Center, Rte 52, Kennett Pike, Mendenhall, PA, (610) 388-1181; New Hotel: Courtyard Philadelphia Coatesville, 600 Manor Road, Coatesville, PA 19320,(610) 380-8700,
For B&B's: Susan Hoffman - [email protected] - 2 mi. from event. or chester/topic/lodging/.
Test & arena sizes: CIC3*-2009 FEI Three-star Test B-Std. CIC2*-2009 FEI Two-star Test B-Std. CIC1*- 2009 FEI One-star Test A-Std. A-2010 USEF Advanced Test A-Std. I-2010 USEF Intermediate Test A-Std. P-2010 USEF Preliminary Test C-Std.
CIC3*-4000m. CIC2*-3200m. CIC1*-2700m. A-3800m @ 570 mpm. I-3200m @ 550 mpm. P-2500-2800m @ 520 mpm. 300 acres rolling terrain required fit horses. Courses: I/P-course preparation for CCI1* and CCI2*.
Other Information:

Cross-country course closed Aug 1.
Riders may be limited on total rides. Levels may be divided/combined as entries warrant; state preferences under Eligible Section and birth date on entry for Jr. riders.
Food available on grounds.
LEASH DOGS! All dogs $2 fee, loose dogs $50 FINE! NO dogs on course! All LOOSE dogs on course $100 FINE! All fees & fines: Payable to Plantation Field Course Building Fund.
Trade Fair.
Wine & cheese party each event day.
Preliminary Futurity: For horses seven & under that have not competed at Preliminary before 2011. Specify on entry; additional info sent.
Organizers' competition: Open to all USEA registered event organizers riding their own horses. Call Denis before sending entry, and for additional info. Any changes will be posted on our website.

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