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South Farm Fall H.T. (Sep 2012) Omnibus Listing

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USEA Event ID: 15090
South Farm Fall H.T. | Middlefield, OH (AREA VIII)

Event Date: Sep 01-02, 2012

Open Date: Jul 17 Close Date: Aug 14


Address: 8398 Bundysburg Rd., Middlefield, OH 44062. If using MapQuest, please check our website for easy Horst Trailer directions,
From I-90 N.E.: go west to RT 534 go south to RT 87. Go 2.5 miles west to Bundysburg Rd., go south 0.5 mile we are on the East side.
From: I-271: Go north to RT 422, go east to RT 528. Go north to RT 87, go east 2.5 miles to Bundysburg Rd., go south 0.5 mile we are on the east side. From the East: Take RT 11 to ST. RT. 87 cross RT 534, continue on 87 2.5 miles from 534 go south on Bundysburg Rd., 0.5 mile we are on east side.
For additional directions, call: (440) 632-5501.


USEF/USEA Recognized: P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized: T,N,BN
USEA Recognized Tests: Starter

Tentative Schedule:

Fri: Packets available 2 pm; Cross-country course open-3 pm.
Sat: Dressage-8 am; Cross-country-10 am.
Sun: Show Jumping-8 am.

Starting Times:

Available September 2nd. Further info from sec´y (440) 632-5501. Start times available at, prior to the event.  Check Web site for Event Entry Status.

Event Officials
TD: Kathy Arrandale, MI  
Judges: Pres: Cheryl Connell- Marsh, MI; Sue Hughes, MI
CD:X-C: John Williams, NC.  SJ: Sarah Greer
Entry Information

Send Entries to:

Sarah Greer, Secretary
PO Box 1330
Middlefield, OH 44062
(440) 632-5501 (440) 632-5598 (fax)

Org: Sarah Greer, (440) 632-5501, same address as above. E-mail: [email protected]
Co-organizer: Christian Gable, PO Box 1330, Middlefield, OH  44062 (404) 346-5138


Event Fees Directory – see individual section for details. Draw checks to South Farm.
Entry: P: $150.00; T/N/BN: $135.00; Starter Test: $100.00
Double entries: $10.00
Stabling: $120.00; $100.00
Muck fee: $20.00 (separate check)

Entry fees include a $25 non-refundable office fee. Tests Entrants: USEA Starter and Drug/Medication fees do not apply and USEA Membership/Non-membership fees are waived. BN competitors who are not USEA members must pay extra $25 with entry. If oversubscribed, priority given to USEA members. Refunds: Before C.D.-less $25 non-refundable office fee; After C.D.-No refunds. $20 charge for any changes after closing date. Competition cancellation-No refund. $50 charge for bounced checks. Neg. Coggins required within 12 months for all horses.
Competitor Information

Prizes & 8 ribbons per division.


Limited. Permanent & vinyl stalls with doors $120. Wood stalls no doors (must bring stall guard) $100 Very limited (only 15 first come first serve). All stalls for weekend, first bedding provided. Note stall type preference on stabling form. Hay & bag shavings available for purchase. Veterinarian: Buckeye Veterinary Clinic, (440) 834-8821. Number posted in program, on score board and in barn areas.


America´s Best Inn-25 mins, (330) 392-2515. Quail Hollow-20 mi., (440) 352-6201. Punderson Manor House-10 mi., (440) 564-9144. Old Stone House B&B- 5 mi., (440) 693-4186. Red Maple Inn-10 mi. (440) 834-8334. Bass Lake Inn-15 mi., (440) 285-3100. Inn of Chagrin Falls (440) 247-1200. Avalon Gardens B&B (440) 286-2126. Lake Hideaway Rental (440) 548-5700. Hiram Inn (330) 569-6000. Holiday Inn Express-25 mins., (330) 544-8807.  Holiday Inn Express (330) 872-6000. The Farm House, (415) 586-5804.  The Hampton Inn., (440) 542-0400. The Stone Wall B&B, (216) 650-2909.


Test & arena sizes: P-2010 USEF Preliminary Test B-Sm. T-2010 USEF Training Test B-Sm. N-2010 USEF Novice Test B-Sm. BN-2010 USEF Beginner Novice Test B-Sm. Starter Test: 2010 USEA Beginner Novice Test A-Sm. Arenas: Sand/limestone, warm-up/grass.


P-2800 m @ 520 mpm. T-2400 m @ 420 mpm. N-2000 m @ 350 mpm. BN-2000 m @ 300 mpm/2´7’ max 13 fences. Starter Test: 1600m @ 280 mpm/2´ max., 10-12  fences, water optional for Starter Test. All courses: Average, for horses with some experience at these levels. BN: Excellent starter course for horse and/or rider, no ditches or banks, water is optional.

Other Information:

Cross-country course closed August 20.
Levels may be divided/combined as entries warrant; state preferences under the Eligible Section and birth date on entry.
Prize list from sec´y.
Food on grounds.
Dogs must be leashed.
Party: Friday 5 pm. Welcome reception with packet pick up. For more information on South Farm Horse Trials, check

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