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Richland Park H.T. (Aug 2012) Omnibus Listing

Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series Event

Change Made 02/19/2012
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USEA Event ID: 15077
Richland Park H.T. | Richland, MI (AREA VIII)

Event Date: Aug 23-26, 2012

Open Date: Jul 10 Close Date: Aug 07


Address: 8651 N. 30th St., Richland, MI 49083. If you use MapQuest do not go through Battle Creek to get to Richland…you will get lost.
From East/West: I-94 take exit 85 go (north) on 35th St. for 1.1 mi., turn left (west) on SR96 (third traffic light) go 8/10 mi., turn right (north) on 33rd St. for approx. 8 mi. to traffic light in Village of Richland go straight through light for 1.1 mi., turn left at  traffic light (at Blackhawk) onto M89 (west towards Plainwell, Mi.) go 1.1 mi., turn left on 30th ST. (south) driveway 3/10 mi. on right (west).
From North: take US 131 to exit 49 (M89 Plainwell exit) Go (east) on M89 for approx. 11 mi., turn right (south) on 30th St, driveway 3/10 mi. on right (west).


USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized: T,TH,TR,N,NH,NR
USEA Recognized Tests: 5YO,YEH-4yo

Tentative Schedule:

THIS SCHEDULE IS TENTATIVE. PLEASE CHECK WEBSITE FOR DAYS/TIMES CHANGES. Subject to change due to entry numbers. Stabling open for CIC horses at 12:00 noon Tuesday, unless early arrival arrangements are made. PLEASE CONTACT US IF ARRIVING EARLY. 
CIC in-barn vet exams; CIC cross country open 3:00 PM,YEH Classes.
Thurs: CIC Dressage. Advanced Dressage, Intermediate Dressage.
Fri: All remaining  Dressage-7:30 am.
Sat: Cross-country CIC 3*/CIC 2*A/I/P- Show Jumping-T/ N
Sun: CIC Horse Inspection.  Show jumping CIC 3*/CIC 2*A/I/P- Cross Country – T/N

Starting Times:

Times will be posted at Provide readable email on entry. Please No phone calls.

Event Officials
FEI TD: Roger Haller, USA; Asst TD:
Judges: CIC 2*/3* Pres: Wayne Quarles, USA;  Member: Jo Young, CAN.
HT TD: Gretchen Butts, MD.
HT Pres: Brian Ross, VA; Dressage Judges: Susan Graham-White, MD; Karen Winn, KY
FEI Steward: Sally O´Connor, USA. FEI Vet: Dr. Mike Sigman, DVM. Assoc. Vet: Dr. Debbie Williamson, DVM.
CD: X-C: Ian Stark, GBR; Bert Wood   SJ: Marc Donovan, USA
Entry Information

Send Entries to:

Rick Dunkerton, C/O AMS, P.O. Box 1647, Laurel, MS 39441
E-Mail: [email protected]
(601) 498-3330 FAX: (601) 426-9984

ENTER ON-LINE AT: If using electronic entry, you must mail original entry with original signatures, coggins & checks within 5 days or postmark date will be changed to reflect the date when payment is received.


Org: Richland Equestrian Events LLC
Bob & Kay Willmarth , 7695 East D Ave., Richland, Mi. 49083 (269) 629-5532


Event Fees Directory: CANADIANS PLEASE PAY WITH CREDIT CARD OR US FUNDS.  ONE CHECK  PER HORSE - Draw checks to Richland Park.
Entry: CIC 2*/3*: $555.00;  A: $450.00; I/P: $400.00; T/N: $360.00; YEH: $300.00 
Stripping Fee: $50.00 (separate check; Tack stall: $175.00 (separate check)
Stabling: Included with entry; Stabling mandatory. Please add all applicable USEF & USEA Fees. Use 2011 USEA Entry Forms.


NOTE: Please check website for additional information and updates. All include mandatory stabling and $25 non refundable office fee. Send two checks PER HORSE, one for entry, one for stall stripping deposit US funds only. All riders must be USEA members. Double entries: Not Accepted. Refunds: All withdraws in writing sent Certified Mail Before C.D.-Less $25 non-refundable office fee; After C.D. Entry/Stabling-No refund. Competition cancellation-No refund. Change fee of $25 after C.D. and must be in writing. Preliminary & above include copies of USEF membership cards for rider, trainer & owner. CIC horses must be registered with USEF & FEI. CIC3*: U.S. horses must have an FEI Passport; CIC2*/1*: U.S. horses must have a either a National Passport or FEI Passport, indicating required influenza primary series & boosters. All foreign CIC horses, must have an FEI Passport. Please refer to the USEF web-site for additional information on FEI qualifying requirements. $50 =lost or damaged pinney, no deposit required. Young Event Horse: 4 yo test & 5 yo test. $300.00 per entry (includes mandatory stabling and non refundable office fee.). Entry form and additional information can be found online, or in the Omnibus. Copy of current Negative Coggins required within 12 months for all horses must accompany entry.

Competitor Information

Ribbons through 8th. Horse brass to 1st place in each division. Prize money to the CIC 3*** (Gold Cup Division). Check web site for prize money updates.


10´x10´ temporary stalls on grounds. Stabling Fee included with entry. All stalls for duration of competition. Stall stripping deposit $ $50.00, include separate check with entry: Stalls must be STRIPPED AND MUST CHECK OUT WITH THE STABLE MANAGER/STABLE STAFF  OR THE DEPOSIT   CHECK WILL BE CASHED. NO EXCEPTIONS, NO REFUNDS.  Stall doors provided. All horses must be stabled. No initial bedding provided. Bedding available for purchase. Unless overbooked,20 tack stalls available for $175.00 for duration. Stabling opens noon Tuesday unless early arrival arrangements are made. Entries will not be accepted without clean stall deposit. NOTE: “STABLE WITH’ REQUESTS PLEASE USE ONE PERSONS NAME TO IDENTIFY STALLS TOGETHER. We will make every attempt to stable together. $50 fine for moving from assigned stall without show competition approval.  Veterinarian: Beadle Lake Animal Clinic, Dr. Bob Emery. (269) 441-9233 # posted at sec´y´s stand.


 Best Western 12mi. (269) 381-1900. Fairfield Inn 12 mi. (269) 344-8300; Holiday Inn Express 12 mi. (269) 373-0770. Camping: Rustic camping on grounds. 20 Water hook-ups available by reservation, $25.00 for duration. Contact Secretary to reserve a spot.


CIC3*-2009 FEI Three Star Test B-Std. . CIC2*-2009 FEI Two Star Test B-Std. A-2010 USEF Advanced Test B-Std . I-2010 USEF Intermediate Test B-Std. P-2010 USEF Preliminary Test B-Sm. T-2010 USEF Training Test B-Sm. N-2010 USEF Novice Test B-Sm. Arenas: Grass warm-up/ all weather rings.


CIC3*- 4000M @ 570mpm. CIC2*-3600m @ 550mpm. A-3800 m @ 570 mpm. I-3200 m @ 550 mpm. P-2800 m @ 520 mpm. T-2200 m @ 470 mpm. N-1900 m @ 400 mpm. All courses: CIC3*-Training:  Excellent footing in all weather, gently rolling hills. Tracks aerated/aervated/rolled/watered as necessary.

Other Information:

PINNY HOLDERS REQUIRED ALL LEVELS -   Entries limit 450. Event is likely OVERBOOKED, enter early. Competitors are responsible for checking website for all information, including entry status, stabling, wait list and any other updates @ All money owed at check in must be CASH or CHECK. Overpayments of $10.00 or less will be donated to the Cheff Center. Parking proceeds donated to the Cheff Center. Cross country never open for schooling except for scheduled clinics. Cross-country course closed Aug. 1. Levels may be divided/combined if entries warrant; state preferences under the Eligible Section and birth date on entry. Be courteous & leash all Dogs, $25 fee for unleashed dogs, we will patrol and lock up loose dogs.  Multiple rides welcome. Include copy of negative coggins (within 12 months). **No motorized vehicles on x-c. No exceptions** If conditions are muddy, please be courteous to land owner and LIMIT use of vehicles. DUE TO USEF RULE #GR301.5 AND DUE TO LIABILITY NO ONE WITHOUT A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE MAY OPERATE ANY MOTORIZED VEHICLE AT ANY TIME. If overbooked, no non-competing horses on grounds MUST be stabled off grounds. All rings & x-c track aerated & watered, and rolled as needed. Food available on grounds. Trade fair on grounds. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE!!!! CHECK WEBSITE:  Prize money will be for the featured Gold Cup Division, the CIC 3***. COMPETITOR PARTY: Saturday night course builders BBQ featuring home grown steamed sweet corn. There will be a $50.00 fee for returning passports not retrieved at the end of the competition.
Join the fun for the 3rd annual Paint Ball games.  Bring your own equipment, sign up with the secretary.  Details announced later.

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