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Plantation Field H.T. (Jun 2012) Omnibus Listing

Enter on-line at are financially responsible for all entries made on-line, including 100% of entry even if cancelled after closing. Immediately mail checks, signature page (download from and coggins to address below. Entries are not accepted until payment is made. If using Fedex or Overnight Mail waive signature requirements.

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USEA Event ID: 14992
Plantation Field H.T. | Unionville, PA (AREA II)

Event Date: Jun 09, 2012

Open Date: Apr 24 Close Date: May 22


GPS Directions: 450 Apple Grove Rd.  Coatesville, PA 19320
From South: 95N to exit 100, N to Rte 1, N to Rte 82 exit. Left at ramp approx. 6 miles through Unionville.
From North 95: South to 322 west to Rte 1 south to Rte 82 exit.


USEF/USEA Recognized: P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized: T,N,BN

Tentative Schedule:

Fri: Cross-country course open-3 pm.
Sat: Dressage-8 am; Show Jumping-9 am; Cross Country – 9:30 am.

Starting Times:

Available June 6rd from or sec´y, (610) 347-2024, between 5 pm - 9 pm

Event Officials
TD: Carolyn Blakey, PA
Judges: Pres: Eileen Pritchard Bryan, MD  Dressage Judges: Debbie Adams, NJ; Merrylinn Griffin, FL
SJ Judge: Seema Sonnad, PA
CD:XC/SJ: Denis Glaccum, PA
Entry Information

Send Entries to:

Bambi Glaccum, Secretary, PO Box 82, 1420 Doe Run Rd.
Unionville, PA 19375
(610) 347-2024 Tel (610) 347-1001 /fax (610) 316-0450 (During Event) Email:[email protected] Web:
Enter on-line at


Plantation FieldEquestrian Events, Inc., c/o Denis Glaccum (address same as above).


Event Fees Directory: Draw checks to PFE Inc. Foreign/Canada add $5 to each entry fee-US dollars only.
Entry: P: $200.00; T/N/BN: $190.00 


Entry fees include a $25 non-refundable office fee. Fee waived and change fee waived on all entries with postmark of April 20-23rd. Double entries: Not accepted. Refunds:  All entries received within 5 days of opening day no charges for cancellation or changes if made by closing date. Before C.D., less $25 non-refundable office fee, notify sec'y, by written confirmation only with fax, email or letter ONLY. After C.D.-Entry/Stable-No refund. Competition cancellation-no refund. $25 CHANGE FEE. No changes to entry after June 3rd. $50 CHARGE MAY BE ATTACHED TO ALL ENTRIES MISSING SIGNATURE PAGE,COGGINS OR OTHER INCOMPLETE INFORMATION IF NOT RECEIVED BY SUNDAY JUNE 3RD. Negative Coggins required for all horses within 12 months. Not notifying sec'y of intent NOT to compete will incur $25 fee. This applies also to no shows.   All entries must have a valid email address. All changes, refunds, etc. must be written either by email or faxed.

Competitor Information

Trophy & 10 ribbons per division.


No stabling. Further info from Denis Glaccum. Veterinarian: Unionville Equine Center, (610) 932-6800; # will be posted at sec´y.


The Hilton Garden Inn (official hotel for the horse trials-discount room rate if booked by April 23) (610) 444-9100 or on line at Best Western, Rts. 1 & 322, Chadds Ford, (610) 358-9400. Mendenhall Inn Inn Hotel & Conference Center, Rt. 52, Kennett Pike, Mendenhall, PA-(610) 388-1181. For B&B´s, ; Kennett Steak and Mushroom Restaurant & Motel, 610.444.6531;


Test & arena sizes: P-2010 USEF Preliminary Test A-Sm. T-2010 USEF Training Test A-Sm. N-2010 USEF Novice Test A-Sm. BN-2010 USEF Beginner Novice Test A-Sm.


P-2200-3000 m @ 520 mpm. T-2000-2600 m @450 mpm. N-1600-2200 m @ 400 mpm. BN-1400-2000 m @ 350 mpm. P moderate for horses moving up. T/N/BN moderate.

Other Information:

Cross-country course closed March 1. Riders may be limited on total rides. Levels may be divided/combined as entries warrant; state preferences under the Eligible Section and birth date on entry. Food available on grounds. LEASH DOGS! All dogs $2 fee; loose dogs $5 FINE ! NO dogs on course! All LOOSE dogs on course $10 FINE! All fees & fines payable to Fair Hill Course Building Fund. Trade Fair; wine & cheese party each event day.

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