Calendar, Omnibus & Results Archive

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Area I - Connecticut, Maine, Massachussets, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont
2005 Events
Apr 24 Kent School C.T.
Apr 30-May 01 University of New Hampshire Spring H.T.
May 07-08 King Oak Spring H.T.
May 15 The Ethel Walker School C.T.
May 21-22 Hitching Post Farm H.T.
May 28 Riga Meadow C.T.
Jun 04-05 Genesee Valley Riding & Driving Club Spring H.T.
Jun 04-05 GMHA June H.T.
Jun 04 Mystic Valley Hunt Club H.T.
Jun 17-19 Groton House Farm H.T. I
Jun 24-26 Groton House Farm H.T. II
Jul 08-10 Stoneleigh-Burnham Summer H.T.
Jul 09-10 Genesee Valley Hunt H.T.
Jul 16-17 Huntington Farm H.T.
Jul 21-24 Stuart H.T.
Jul 24 Kingsbury Hill H.T.
Aug 06-07 Fitchs Corner H.T.
Aug 06-07 Snowfields H.T.
Aug 12-14 GMHA August H.T.
Aug 14 Kent School August H.T.
Aug 19-21 Millbrook H.T.
Aug 21 B&B Equestrian Center H.T.
Aug 21 Kingsbury Hill H.T.
Aug 27-28 Huntington Farm H.T.
Aug 27-28 Millbrook H.T.
Sep 10-11 King Oak Farm Spring H.T.
Sep 17-18 GMHA H.T
Sep 24-25 Stoneleigh-Burnham School Fall H.T.
Oct 01-02 University of New Hampshire Fall H.T.
Oct 09 Kent School Fall H.T.
Oct 09 Valinor Farm H.T.
Oct 16 The Ethel Walker School H.T.
Area II - New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and North Carolina
2005 Events
Mar 18-20 Southern Pines H.T.
Apr 02-03 Fancy Hill Farm H.T.
Apr 02-03 Morven Park Spring H.T.
Apr 10 Weave A Dream Farm H.T.
Apr 16-17 Plantation Field H.T.
Apr 16-17 The Fork H.T.
Apr 22-24 Fair Hill International H.T.
Apr 23-24 Flora Lea.Sprin H.T.
Apr 23-24 Longleaf Pine H.T.
Apr 23-24 Redland Hunt Pony Club H.T.
Apr 28-May 01 Rolex Kentucky Three-day Event
Apr 29-May 01 Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Spring H.T.
May 01 Pleasant Hollow Farms, Inc. H.T.
May 07-08 Difficult Run Spring H.T.
May 07-08 MCTA, Inc, H.T.
May 12-15 Jersey Fresh Three-day Event
May 14-15 Horse Trials at the Ark
May 14-15 Plantation Field May H.T.
May 18-22 Virginia Three-day Event & H.T.
May 28-29 Fair Hill International H.T. at Fair Hill
May 29 CDCTA Spring H.T. at Grreat Meadow
Jun 04-05 Waredaca H.T.
Jun 05 Oxbow H.T.
Jun 11 Lumber River H.T.
Jun 11-12 Plantation Field H.T.
Jun 11-12 Rubicon Farm H.T.
Jun 18-19 Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T.
Jun 25-26 CDCTA H.T. at Great Meadow
Jun 26 Bucks County Horse Park H.T.
Jul 09-10 Fancy Hill Farm H.T.
Jul 10 Amwell Valley Hounds PC H.T.
Jul 16 Surefire Farm H.T. I
Jul 23-24 Surefire Farm H.T. II
Aug 05-07 USPC Championships
Aug 07 Olney Farm H.T.
Aug 07 Pleasant Hollow Farm H.T.
Aug 13-14 Fair Hill International H.T.
Aug 27-28 Difficult Run Fall H.T.
Sep 03-04 Loudoun Hunt PC Fall H.T.
Sep 04 Weave A Dream H.T.
Sep 10-11 Pinehurst H.T. & C.T.
Sep 10-11 Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T.
Sep 11 Pleasant Hollow Farms, Inc. H.T.
Sep 14-18 American Eventing Championships
Sep 16-18 Plantation H.T.
Sep 17-18 Marlborough H.T.
Sep 24-25 Fancy Hill Farm H.T.
Sep 24-25 Middleburg H.T.
Sep 29-Oct 02 Morven Park Three-day Event & H.T.
Oct 01-02 Flora Lea Fall H.T.
Oct 05-09 Radnor Hunt Intl Three-day Event & H.T.
Oct 08 NCDCTA H.T.
Oct 13-16 Fair Hill International Three-day Event
Oct 15-16 ESDCTAS New Jersery H.T.
Oct 22-23 Horse Trials at the Ark
Oct 22-23 Waredaca Fall H.T.
Oct 29-30 CDCTA Fall H.T.
Oct 30 Bucks County Horse Park Fall H.T.
Nov 04-06 Virginia H.T.
Nov 11-13 Rubican Farm H.T.
Area III - Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida
2005 Events
Jan 15-16 Canterbury H.T.
Jan 29-30 Southeast H.T. at Canterbury
Feb 04-06 Rocking Horse Winter I H.T.
Feb 05 Pine Top Winter I H.T.
Feb 11-13 Sporting Days in Aiken H.T.
Feb 12-13 Poplar Place Farm February H.T.
Feb 19 Pine Top Winter II H.T.
Feb 22 Rocking Horse Winter II H.T.
Feb 25-27 Rocking Horse Winter III H.T.
Feb 26-27 Paradise Farm H.T.
Mar 04-06 Pine Top Spring Advanced H.T.
Mar 05-06 Fort Rucker H.T.
Mar 11-13 Jumping Branch Farm H.T.
Mar 11-13 Red Hills H.T.
Mar 18-20 Rocking Horse Spring H.T.
Mar 20 Sporting Days in Aiken H.T. & C.T.
Mar 25-27 Poplar Place Farm March H.T.
Apr 02-03 FENCE H.T.
Apr 08-10 Chatsworth Georgia H.T.
Apr 09-10 Pine Mountain H.T. at Big Bear Farm
Apr 13-17 Foxhall Three-day Event
Apr 16-17 Pine Top April H.T.
Apr 16-17 Watershed Spring H.T.
Apr 23-24 River Glen Spring H.T.
May 07-08 Poplar Place Farm May H.T.
May 22 Rocking Horse One-Day H.T.
May 28-29 Flat Creek H.T.
Jun 10-12 Poplar Place Farm June H.T.
Aug 06-07 River Glen Summer H.T.
Aug 27-28 Tryon Riding & Hunt Club H.T.
Sep 02-04 Poplar Place Farm September H.T.
Sep 03-04 Watershed H.T. & C.T.
Sep 10-11 Flat Creek H.T.
Sep 24-25 Pine Top September H.T.
Oct 01-02 Rocking Horse Fall H.T.
Oct 08-09 Middle Tennessee Pony Club H.T.
Oct 15-16 Fort Rucker H.T.
Oct 22-23 Pine Mountain H.T. at Big Bear Farm
Oct 29-30 River Glen Fall H.T.
Nov 05-06 Paradise Farm H.T.
Nov 05-06 The Ocala H.T.
Nov 12-13 Poplar Place Farm H.T.
Nov 26-27 Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T.
Area IV - Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin
2005 Events
May 14-15 Mill Creek PC H.T. at Longview Horse Park
May 20-22 Otter Creek Spring H.T.
Jun 05 Carriage House Farm C.T.
Jun 11-12 Hill N Hound Spring H.T.
Jun 18-19 Briar Fox Farm H.T.
Jun 18-19 Silverwood Farm Spring H.T.
Jun 24-26 Fox River Vally Pony Club H.T.
Jul 08-10 Wayne H.T.
Jul 23-24 Hidden Hollow H.T.
Aug 06-07 Silverwood Farm Summer H.T.
Aug 19-21 Wayne DuPage H.T.
Sep 03-04 Trott Brook Farm H.T. & C.T.
Sep 10-11 Dunnabeck H.T.
Sep 10-11 Silverwood Farm Fall H.T.
Sep 17-18 Otter Creek Fall H.T.
Sep 24-25 Heritage Park H.T.
Sep 30-Oct 02 Queeny Park H.T.
Oct 08-09 Briar Fox Farm H.T.
Oct 08-09 Hunter Oaks H.T.
Oct 22-23 Hill N Hound Farms H.T.
Area V - Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas
2005 Events
Mar 05-06 Las Colinas Equestrian Center H.T.
Mar 19-20 Meadow Creek Park Spring H.T.
Apr 02-03 Holly Hill H.T.
Apr 09 Pine Hill Spring H.T.
Apr 23-24 Greenwood Farm, Inc. H.T.
May 07-08 Crosstar H.T.
May 14 Jubilee H.T.
May 21-22 Relay Station H.T.
Jun 03-05 CIC**/* Fort Worth/Trinity River H.T.
Jun 11-12 Las Colinas Eq. Center H.T. & C.T.
Sep 03-04 Crosstar Fall Horse Trials I
Sep 10-11 Crosstar Fall H.T. II
Sep 17-18 Relay Station H.T.
Sep 24-25 Greenwood Farm, Inc. H.T.
Oct 01-02 Las Colinas H.T.
Oct 15-16 Meadowcreek Park H.T.
Oct 29-30 Holly Hill Fall H.T.
Nov 12 Pine Hill Fall H.T.
Area VI - California and Hawaii
2005 Events
Feb 05-06 Ram Tap C.T.
Feb 12-13 Galway Downs Winter H.T.
Feb 25-27 Ram Tap H.T.
Mar 04-06 Twin Rivers Winter H.T.
Mar 12-13 Flintridge H.T.
Mar 18-20 Copper Meadows H.T.
Apr 01-03 Galway Downs CIC & H.T.
Apr 15-17 Ram Tap H.T.
Apr 23-24 Twin Rivers Spring H.T.
Apr 29-May 01 Murieta Equine Complex Spring H.T.
May 13-15 Galway Downs H.T.
May 27-29 Woodside Eventing Spring H.T.
Jun 04-05 The Meadows of Moorpark H.T.
Jun 10-11 Copper Meadows H.T.
Jun 24-26 Shepherd Ranch Pony Club H.T.
Jul 15-17 Lone Tree Farm-Vista Del Rio H.T.
Jul 30-31 El Capitan Ranch H.T.
Aug 12-14 Woodside Eventing Summer H.T.
Aug 26-28 Shepherd Ranch Pony Club H.T.
Sep 09-11 Murieta Equine Complex Fall H.T.
Sep 16-18 Copper Meadows H.T.
Sep 30-Oct 02 Twin Rivers Fall Intl H.T.
Oct 07-09 Woodside Eventing Fall H.T.
Oct 21-23 Ram Tap H.T.
Nov 03-06 Galway Downs Intl Three-day Event & H.T.
Nov 18-20 Ram Tap Pony Club Benefit H.T.
Area VII - The Great Northwest: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska
2005 Events
May 07-08 NWEC Mothers Day Classic H.T.
Jun 11-12 Inavale Farm H.T. & C.T.
Jul 08-10 Whidbey Island Pony Club H.T.
Jul 22-24 The Eventat Rebecca Farm
Aug 05-07 Young Rider Benefit H.T.
Aug 20-21 Lincoln Creek H.T.
Sep 02-04 Caber Farm H.T.
Sep 17-18 Northwest Equestrian Fall Gala
Oct 01-02 Equestrians Institute H.T. & C.T.
Area VIII - Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia
2005 Events
Apr 09-10 Spring Bay H.T.
May 14 Sayre School C.T.
May 14-15 Winona H.T.
May 27-29 Mayfest H.T.
Jun 03-05 Indiana Eventing Assoc. H.T.
Jun 11-12 Derbyshire Farms H.T.
Jun 18 Lost Hounds H.T.
Jun 18-19 Spring Run H.T.
Jun 24-26 Midsouth PC H.T.
Jun 25-26 Encore H.T.
Jul 02-03 South Farm H.T.
Jul 15-17 Champagne Run at the Park H.T.
Jul 30 Gemwood H.T.
Aug 06-07 Penny Oaks H.T.
Aug 12-14 Hunters Run H.T.
Aug 20-21 Erie Hunt & Saddle Club H.T.
Aug 26-28 Richland Park H.T.
Sep 02-04 Kentucky Classic H.T.
Sep 10-11 Stone Gate Farm H.T.
Sep 17-18 Flying Cross Farm H.T.
Sep 30-Oct 02 Jump Start H.T.
Oct 08-09 Greater Dayton H.T.
Oct 20-23 Midsouth Three-day Event & Team Challenge
Area IX - Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota
2005 Events
May 14-15 Spring Gulch H.T.
May 20-22 Picabo Ranch H.T.
May 26-29 The Colorado Horse Park 3-day & H.T.
Jun 03-05 Moonrock Two-day Event, H.T & C.T.
Jun 11 Round Top H.T.
Jun 24-26 Abbe Ranch H.T.
Jul 01 Barbara Cimino Memorial H.T.
Jul 03 Barbara Cimino Memorial H.T. II
Jul 09-10 Powder Basin H.T.
Jul 16-17 Aspen Ridge H.T.
Aug 20-21 Penrose H.T.
Sep 03-05 Northern Colorado H.T.
Sep 09-11 Golden Spike Empire H.T. & C.T.
Sep 10 Windy Wyoming H.T.
Sep 17-18 Arrowhead H.T. & C.T.
Sep 30-Oct 02 The Colorado Horse Park H.T.
Oct 08-09 Eagle Fall Festival & C.T.
Area X - Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada
2005 Events
May 07-08 Spring Coconino H.T.
Jun 25-26 St. Johns H.T.
Jul 30-31 Coconino Summer H.T. I
Aug 05-06 Coconino Summer H.T. II
Oct 15-17 Grass Ridge H.T.
Nov 12-13 Las Cruces H.T.

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