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Chris Stafford interviews Lynn Cronin who is an amateur eventer from Area VIII in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lynn combines her professional career as a Cardiologist with her love of the sport while being a wife and mother. Find out how.
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Join the Adult Riders Program and enjoy all the fun and educational activities this dynamic group has to offer. Check out what each Area’s Adult Riders were up to in 2012, plus what is in store for 2013. Thanks to Adult Riders Chair Cindy DePorter for her dedication to the program and assistance in compiling this report.
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Join us at the beautiful Highlands at Loch Moy Farm, Adamstown, MD June 7-10 for a USEA Recognized Adult Camp. Only four spots remain so be sure to get your entry in right away! Daily lessons will include: Private Dressage: Show Jumping and Cross Country lessons in pairs. Levels: Intro; Maiden; Beg-Novice; Novice; Training; Prelim/TrainingSponsored by Point Two Air Jackets
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The USEA and the Instructors’ Certification Program call your attention to the Cindy Burge Memorial ICP Grant, offered each year by each USEA Area’s Adult Rider Program to one (or more) of its Area’s instructors who meets the grant’s qualification standards and is selected as a recipient.   These qualification standards include merit as an instructor, service to the sport, potential to provide future benefit to the sport, and demonstration of compatibility with the educational goals of ICP and intention to be assessed for ICP certification. 
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