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You've undoubtedly heard the term, "Get in the Zone," but just what is the zone and how in the world do you get there?An important requirement to riding well is staying focused on the present and positive - rather than on the past and problems. The reason "being in the zone" is so important is that this happens automatically when you're in the zone.  
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At the 2014 USEA Annual Meeting of the Members, a by-law change was made to provide for the drawing of Area borders along state lines. In response to the concerns of the members living in western Pennsylvania, the Board of Governors has made a provision whereby those members may now declare which Area they would like to be assigned to for purposes of competitions, year-end awards and Championships. 
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Fact Sheet Regarding USEA Area Realignment and Area Competitions, Championships, Young Riders, Adult Riders, and Awards Programs
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The Charles Owen Technical Merit Award was founded by the USEA Professional Horsemens’ Council. The hope is that this award will provide incentives for amateur riders who demonstrate safe and appropriate cross-country technique, and will also educate riders and trainers as to what constitutes safe riding across country.
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His thoroughbred bloodlines were excellent, but his days in the winners’ circle were long over. So how did a tapped-out fairgrounds racehorse in southern Illinois, bought for just $750, end up qualifying for the Rolex just two seasons later? It all comes down to his owner and rider, Leah Lang-Gluscic.
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